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FG Website Buiness - Data pageEvery experienced professional investor, advisor, deal-maker, strategy executive or board director understands the need for the highest possible quality of data and analysis in order to make effective business decisions. The advantages of using superior intelligence as input to decision-making processes are obvious, as are the potentially disastrous consequences of using second-rate information.

This is particularly important in rapidly evolving industries or sectors, such as FinTech, where the impact of decisions is often magnified many times over. Companies that depend on ill-informed decisions or inadequate analysis can lead themselves to oblivion, whilst competitors that act on superior intelligence and analysis can create or unlock huge new market opportunities.



Unfortunately, newly-defined sectors are subject to being hit by vast quantities of vague, inaccurate and spurious information, as individuals and band-wagon organisations jostle to promote themselves as industry experts. The FinTech industry, in particular, is full of noise, hype and waffle, and the problem is exacerbated by a content-marketing industry that encourages newcomers to throw out as much information as possible, much of it superficial or low-grade, in order to grab attention.

Added to this mix is the very real problem that new sectors defy traditional industry categorizations. Any definition of FinTech necessarily encapsulates a wide range of companies that cut across standard classifications. There is no viable SIC code for FinTech. Thus, many records in ordinary databases are indexed incorrectly and lead to misleading results in search requests and fail sophisticated data interrogation. This problem is compounded in the case of open source databases where the cataloguing of records is entirely incoherent due to the public data submission process.

That means a significant amount of the information being used in and about this industry is inconsistent, or just plain wrong.


We are dedicated specialists in FinTech. Our solution is to provide the most comprehensive source of information on FinTech in the marketplace, combined with powerful analytical tools.

To achieve this we undertake a structured program involving direct research, data licencing, rigorous analysis, proprietary indexing algorithms and the integration of advanced data processing and charting software.

 Focused Research

We have a dedicated team of researchers and analysts based in Europe, with support offices in Asia and associates in the US. Their job it is to hunt down detailed information on relevant companies, transactions and people around the world. This enables us to get a comprehensive, global picture of the FinTech industry and to identify transactions and companies that often do not appear on other databases.

Data Verification

We licence a number of the best databases of investments and companies available from the most respected suppliers AltAssets. By systematically aggregating and assessing data from different sources, we are able to identify and present the most reliable data for use via our analytical tools. This ongoing process enables us to continually improve the information we provide.

Direct Engagement

Our team interacts on a daily basis with the real drivers and shapers of the FinTech industry. In addition to interviewing the founders and leaders of disruptive companies, we engage with the professionals that make investments, do deals, develop innovative technology, acquire companies or advise on strategy, operations and transactions. We have long-standing relationships with an extensive network of venture capital firms, which enable us to get the inside track on the latest industry developments. Our approach means we discover and gather influential views as well as a vast range of essential facts.

‘Real World’ Taxonomy

The application of the right taxonomy is critical to retrieving the correct information from any FinTech database. Without a rigorously-defined taxonomy, the output from a database is half-baked regardless of the quality of the data contained within it. Our taxonomy has been constructed after extensive analysis and consultation with FinTech experts in order to ensure it overlays the industry in the most business-relevant way. This enables us to extract more reliable data for any analysis. We keep the taxonomy ‘live’ by ensuring it continues to be structured correctly for the way the industry actually works in the ‘real world’.

Proprietary Algorithms

We have developed our own algorithms to investigate the indexing, categorizing and tagging of data items. This enables us to correct errors and to determine the most relevant classifications in relation to a ‘real world’ taxonomy. The application of our taxonomy and algorithms will often retrieve different, more accurate, data from the same databases. The impact of this can be hugely significant. We have reviewed numerous analyses conducted by other parties from other databases and, more often than not, identified data gaps and errors.

Unique Analytical Tools

We have developed our own proprietary software to integrate the best database interrogation applications with the best charting applications. By doing so we have produced a unique set of powerful tools that enable our clients to undertake in-depth analysis with just a few clicks. Clients can define dozens of variables to produce literally thousands of different charts to get the specific information they need.


Does this mean our information is 100% accurate? No, not yet, but we apply our dedicated resources to ensure we provide what is already the most comprehensive, up-to-date, highest quality intelligence available in the industry and we work every day to further its superiority compared to competitor offerings.

Subscribers to FinTech Global’s intelligence and analytics service get access to the pre-eminent source of information on the FinTech industry, along with the analytical tools to turn that information into valuable insights for their businesses.