Harnessing tech for climate: Insights into COP28’s agenda

The upcoming COP28, set to take place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, is poised to be a crucial event in the fight against the escalating climate crisis. At the heart of this year’s conference is the critical role of technology in reducing emissions – a theme that underscores the urgency and significance of the discussions that will unfold.

Position Green, a FinTech company helping companies comply with ESRS, recently delved into the biggest topics being discussed at COP28. This year’s United Nations Annual Climate Change Conference presents a unique platform for global leaders, policymakers, scientists, and business entities to collaborate on climate change solutions. The event emphasizes the importance of a collective approach to this global challenge.

However, the selection of Sultan Al Jaber as COP28 President-Designate has sparked controversy, it said. Al Jaber holds dual roles as both the Emirati Minister of Industry and the CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), raising concerns over potential conflicts of interest between governmental duties and corporate interests in the oil industry.

Reflecting on past COP meetings, significant strides have been made in climate change legislation, highlighting the role of technological innovation in driving sustainable solutions. For instance, COP27 marked the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund, designed to aid nations most affected by climate change. In a notable advance, the United States enhanced EPA regulations, significantly reducing emissions from numerous polluting sources.

Despite these achievements, COP27 faced criticism for not introducing new measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and for its vague commitments on fossil fuel reduction. These shortcomings point to the need for more decisive action in future conferences.

COP28’s agenda is packed with crucial discussions, focusing on the effectiveness of the Loss and Damage Fund, the scrutiny of climate finance, the debate over the phasing out of fossil fuels, and the introduction of more stringent methane regulations. Additionally, the Global Stocktake report, revealing the current inadequacies in meeting the Paris Agreement goals, will be a topic of significant interest.

The conference will also feature thematic days, including the World Climate Action Summit, discussions on health, finance, energy, and more, culminating in the final negotiations on December 11-12.

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