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3rd-eyes analytics AGESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data201511-50Target Markets are DACH, Nordics, United Kingdom, United
Founded in 2015, 3rd-eyes analytics is a Swiss WealthTech company that aims to democratise professional investment advice. There is a large gap between the investment methods used by highly professionalised investors, such as pension funds, and the wealth management industry. For this reason, 3rd-eyes analytics has developed a solution that enables financial institutions to offer interactive, scenario and goals-based investing using the computing power of the cloud. The company uses modern asset/liability management methods that realistically illustrate downside scenarios (e.g. the COVID-19 crisis) and integrate climate change and sustainability in all aspects and across all products. The company currently employs around 30 people, has its headquarters in Zurich and owns a fully licensed subsidiary in Munich, Germany.
additivCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis1998251-500Switzerland, Europe, Middle East, APAC,
additiv’s embedded finance operating system, DFS®, is an orchestration platform enabling financial institutions to access new distribution channels through a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. It also allows banking and non-banking providers to embed wealth services into their client proposition. While it supports wealth managers looking for best-in-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to deliver better engagement at greater scale.
aixigo AGESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data1999101-250Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, France, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland,
Having almost 25 years experience in the wealth management space, aixigo provides the world's fastest API-based Wealth Management Platform for creating individual, innovative and profitable wealth management services! The high-performance aixigo:BLOXX of the Wealth Management Platform provide all technological capabilities for the application in investment advisory, portfolio monitoring and analysis, portfolio management and financial planning. aixigo's platform enables banks, financial service providers and wealth managers to master the challenges of digitalization and empowers them with speed, scalability and flexibility. aixigo's international customers, including radicant, Vontobel, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank and Hargreaves Lansdown, are already benefiting from the aixigo platform. Furthermore, aixigo was awarded with multiple awards, such as the Banking IT-Innovation Award by the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), the German Innovation Award by the German Bundestag and the German Industry, and multiple WealthBriefing Swiss, European and Wealth For Good Awards.
Amundi TechnologyESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Banking Products/Data2021501-1,000Europe, United Kingdom, China, India,
Amundi Technology is the business line dedicated to technology products and services for all actors in the savings and asset management industry. Through the ALTO* solution, it offers Portfolio Management System, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory platform and savings software as well as specialized solutions. Amundi Technology gathers nearly 900 professionals in two main hubs, Paris and Dublin, and teams in 19 countries.
Arctic IntelligenceCorporate Assessment & Reporting201111-50Africas (South Africa), Asia-Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Singapore), EMEA (United Kingdom) and Americas (Canada & United States)
Arctic Intelligence is a global RegTech firm that has developed enterprise risk assessment software enabling regulated businesses to better assess, document and manage their financial crime risks. Trusted by over 200 clients globally, Arctic Intelligence solutions are cost-effective and multi-jurisdictional allowing businesses regardless of their size or complexity to carry out their financial crime risk assessment and manage vulnerabilities consistently across their entire organisation.
Asset ImpactESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201811-50Asset Impact operates globally and currently operates in Europe, North America, Asia and
AI is an ESG data provider that uses a bottom-up, asset-based approach to develop climate indicators and analytics. Asset Impact (AI) is a spin-off from the NGO 2° Investing Initiative, and was acquired by GRESB BV in September 2022. Our data-driven solutions are designed to help financial institutions and companies: • build the analytics and tools required to measure and manage their climate impact and achieve their climate targets. • calculate their clients’ current and future carbon footprint. • measure portfolio alignment with net zero scenarios. • design new climate-aligned financial products. Our clients include banks, asset owners and asset managers, consultancies, data providers, governmental organizations and non-profits. As of August 2023, our database covers 245,000 physical assets linked to over 62,000 public and private companies, representing 75% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.
Atlas MetricsESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change
Atlas Metrics is an ESG accounting technology company headquartered in Berlin and founded in 2021. Our product supports companies and financial institutions to collect, manage, and report environmental, social, and governance data in full compliance with the world's leading ESG standards. Atlas is serving organizations in a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, venture capital, logistics, and electronics. We have recently raised €5.2 million in seed funding to expand our all-in-one platform for ESG data management. The round is led by b2venture (formerly btov Partners) and Cherry Ventures, with participation from VR Ventures / Redstone, Global Founders Capital, Rivus Capital,, and TD Veen.
AtominvestCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management201711-50United Kingdom, United States,
Atominvest is an end-to-end SaaS provider for private market asset managers. Atominvest's platform includes ESG & impact, portfolio management, deal CRM, investor relations, and onboarding & e-sub doc solutions. Atominvest has offices in London and New York and serves over 150 clients globally.
AuquanESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201811-50United Kingdom, United States,
Founder and CEO Chandini Jain spent ten years in global finance working as a trader at Optiver and Deutsche Bank, where she became frustrated with the lack of supply chain transparency and information on sustainability and ESG performance. She founded Auquan to address this gap using AI machine learning to analyze alternative data in order to map supply chains and uncover hidden labor and environmental risks, and empowering asset owners and managers to engage companies proactively and make more informed investment decisions before markets react. Auquan’s Data Collection Engine sources alternative data from more than two million sources originating in 65 languages every day, including local and global news, government databases, NGO reports, and corporate filings. Using Natural Language Processing, Auquan processes this data in order to remove noise and assess financial relevance to more than 500,000 public and private companies, including connected entities in supply and value chains.
Bitvore CorpESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data201011-50Globally, though predominately in the United States and
Bitvore provides unprecedented business insights from unstructured data. Our products are deployed in over seventy of the world’s largest financial institutions, allowing them to make faster and more effective decisions. Our ground-breaking AI-powered platform delivers leading indicators of business performance for companies, industries, markets and municipal obligors. We ingest massive amounts of unstructured data (including news, press releases, SEC filings/proxy statements, earnings call transcripts and more) and uses advanced NLP and machine learning to provide material events, trended ESG, sentiment, growth and risk scoring, as well as comparative/predictive analytics to drive better business outcomes. Consumable through file downloads, a comprehensive API and research user interfaces, Bitvore provides customers with the “crystal ball” needed to identify emerging risk and opportunity. Bitvore was founded in 2010 on a multi-year US government project. Initially we focused on deep AI/ML model development over massive volume of unstructured data.
Bridgewise201911-50Israel, United States,
Bridgewise is a technological research company that utilizes proprietary AI-based analysis and language model to provide comprehensive insights into global stocks in all languages. Our mission is to bridge the knowledge gap in the investment world and empower investors of all types to become “super-investors.” Through our generative AI technology implemented into brokerage platforms and other financial institutions’ infrastructures, we offer instant fundamental analyses of global stocks alongside bespoke investment strategies, enabling informed investment decisions to millions of investors worldwide.
CirculorESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain
Circulor is the leader in bringing traceability to complex industrial supply chains. We help customers to demonstrate responsible sourcing, monitor inherited emissions from the supply chain and underpin their circular economy ambitions. The Circulor PROVE traceability solution connects all supply chain actors from upstream to downstream to ensure complete, real-time visibility for better supply chain performance, carbon footprint tracking, and compliance with regulatory standards. Circulor is a Certified B Corporation headquartered in the UK, with facilities in Germany, Ireland and Singapore, as well as employees worldwide. Circulor’s core business is the metals and minerals used in batteries, renewable energy and construction and has a proven track record providing end-to-end and highly granular traceability as well as digital product passports to underpin responsible and sustainable value chains as well as to underpin circularity.
Climate AlphaESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data202211-50United States, Canada,
Climate Alpha is the first AI driven platform to help financial institutions understand how climate change will impact their investments and help them create data-driven adaptation strategies. We deploy advanced machine learning and neural networks to create scenarios that provide the most comprehensive assessment of a real estate asset’s location. Our goal is to project how a portfolio may be affected by climate change, outlining its vulnerabilities and identifying opportunistic areas that should receive capital, and making it easy to understand how that data can change over time from now until 2040. We help create data driven investment strategies that enhance risk management and allow for portfolio optimization. Climate Alpha's global team includes leaders in climate, data science, real estate and financial services.
Climate X LtdESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Banking Products/Data201911-50United Kingdom Europe North America & Canada
Climate X is a London-based company that was established with one goal in mind: to deliver data and analytics that will help build resiliency to the impacts of climate change to societies all around the world. Our strategy's cornerstone is providing best-in-class physical climate risk insights for firms in the Financial Services industry (banks, insurers, investment managers & lenders such as credit mutuals or mortgage providers) and Real Estate (commercial & residential). In more detail, we enable firms to pinpoint and project and quantify risks & losses from weather events to make property-level business plans and guide their portfolio strategies. The data is provided via our Software-as-a-Service platform, Spectra, which can also be accessed via our API.
ClimateAlignedESG Intelligence & Data Analysis20221-10Europe, North America, Africa, Middle
ClimateAligned is building an AI-powered software platform that allows investors to navigate the opportunities for making money and the risks of financial losses caused by climate change. The product initially focuses on investors and financial institutions engaged in the world’s largest capital market - the $160 trillion bond market - where much of the money needed to reach net zero will flow through, with plans to expand to all markets. The technology used allows investment professionals to access all relevant and typically very hard-to-extract information from multiple scattered sources in one place, as well as to analyse it against any opinion, framework, or set of rules. This removes a key time, cost, and competency barrier from understanding how to invest with a positive climate impact.
CloverlyOffsetting Analytics & Marketplaces201811-50Americas, EMEA,
Cloverly is the infrastructure for the voluntary carbon markets. Our solutions help buyers and sellers of carbon credits to connect, transact, and scale their impact. We currently work with 200+ leading enterprises like American Express, Salesforce, and Visa to support them in their climate journey.
DassetiCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201811-50Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa,
Dasseti is a privately owned company that was established in 2018 by Wissem Souissi, who spotted a gap in the market for a digital due diligence platform that could support institutional investors through the whole due diligence process. The company received an initial round of funding in 2020, then secured Series-A funding from Nasdaq Ventures in 2023 before rebranding from Diligend to Dasseti (meaning “To make visible” in Pali). The team has increased to 50 employees spread globally, and has three offices, located in Dubai, London and New York. Half the team are software engineers, developers, product specialists and testers, which demonstrates our commitment to a world-class software solution, that is continually evolving to meet client demands. The other team members are spread across our sales, marketing, client services and office services teams.
DeepkiESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis2014251-500Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Royaume Uni, Russian Federation, Réunion, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Deepki’s end-to-end solutions allow visionary real estate owners and investors to take control of their ESG performance. The market-leading data intelligence platform, coupled with an expert team of environmental consultants, enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve by measuring and managing the sustainability of their assets in line with regulations, tackling both physical and financial climate risk, developing impactful ESG strategies and implementing carbon pathways to reach net zero. By directing the flow of capital to support the environmental transition, companies are equipped to protect the value of their assets and create virtuous real estate.
DoconomyESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Banking Products/Data201851-100Europe, North America,
Doconomy, founded in Sweden in 2018, is a world-leading provider of applied impact solutions. Its core mission is to ensure the future sustainability of life on Earth by empowering individuals and corporations to assume responsibility for their environmental footprint, thereby fostering a sustainable lifestyle for all. Doconomy serves over 75 clients in 25 different markets and has established key partnerships with renowned organizations such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Mastercard, S&P Trucost and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
ECOFIN Software and Technology AGESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management198611-50Switzerland, Liechtenstein (With our solutions being MiFID II compliant, Finfox is also being used for German, Austrian and other international clients.)
Finfox, developed by Zurich-based WealthTech firm ECOFIN Software and Technology AG, is a leading hybrid investment advice solution for banks, advisers and their clients. Thanks to intelligent business logic, a consistent data set and full omnichannel capability, our award-winning software makes the advisory process a high-quality, regulatory compliant and seamless experience across all client touchpoints – whether in a personal conversation, a digital meeting or at home via guided self-services. With over 35 years of expertise under our belt, we have a deep understanding of designing client-centric solutions and implementing individual configurations. Going beyond the software itself, we also act as strategic partners to our clients in all matters relating to the digital transformation, effectiveness and efficiency of their wealth advisory business. Private banks, savings banks and Swiss cantonal banks equally trust in Finfox. We offer solutions for all segments from wealthy to affluent and retail clients.
EcofyeESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis20191-10United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, United
Ecofye is a climate tech company looking to improve accuracy in reporting and data realibility. Ecofye's offers automated Scope 1,2&3 transparency via real-time emissions monitoring, enabling robust baselines, identifying quick-wins, and product, logistics and energy-efficiency optimisation. We understand that meeting environmental regulations can be challenging for companies with large and complex supply chains. More than 90% of the environmental impact in the consumer sector is embedded in supply chains, yet only 25% of CDP-reporting companies engage with their suppliers. Ecofye automates every step of data gathering and processing, reducing the time consumed when calculating emissions. Our solution also increases accuracy, reducing the error margin when reporting supplier emissions by 90%, which is significantly better than the industry average of 30-40%. Increased transparency can provide cost-neutral measures that help companies reduce their Scope 3 emissions by up to 40%.
Ecomate S.R.L.ESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management20191-10Italy,
The first ESG software suite that includes all products needed to integrate sustainability in any company or know the performance of others. Our algorithms are guiding everyone with an easy language, instant timing and a competitive cost.
EcoVadisESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Banking Products/Data20171,001-5,000Globally (170+ countries)
EcoVadis is a purpose-driven company whose mission is to provide the world's most trusted business sustainability ratings. EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for global finance and value chains. Backed by a powerful technology platform and a global team of domain experts, EcoVadis’ easy-to-use and actionable sustainability scorecards provide detailed insight into environmental, social and ethical risks across 200 business activities/purchasing categories and 160 countries Ecovadis was founded in 2017 and has ever since grown to 1700+ employees and rated more than 110,000 companies across more than 172 countries.
ekkoBanking Products/Data20191-10The ekko API is capable of creating a positive impact across the globe. Key countries of operations include the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Several countries across Europe. The ekko can empower any financial transaction across the
Our company is a multi-award-winning embedded sustainability platform that transforms retail transactions into a force for positive environmental impact. We're committed to creating value for both customers and brands, all while contributing to a more sustainable world. Through our platform, every transaction becomes an opportunity to drive meaningful change, aligning customer engagement with broader ecological goals.
EoliannESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Banking Products/
Eoliann is a climate tech company founded in 2022. We are developing an API that given any worldwide address, predicts the probability, intensity and impact of natural catastrophes in that location. Using a combination of satellite imagery and historical data, we train proprietary machine learning models able to estimate the exposure to climate physical risk, for any asset in the world at the most effective spatial and temporal resolution. Machine learning is a recent and groundbreaking addition to climate prediction and modeling, replacing traditional approaches based on historical data and physical models, which struggle to take into account the rapidly changing climate change effects.
ESG360ESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Regulatory Change Management202011-50United Kingdom and several European countries, although our clients are global companies (e.g. FTSE 100 and 250)
ESG360° combines a powerful, bespoke digital platform with expert knowledge of ESG issues. This empowers our clients to mitigate ESG risks and maximise opportunities, ultimately enhancing their enterprise value. The platform provides a holistic view of the ever-changing ESG landscape, giving users real-time, decision-useful insights into the impacts of ESG issues on their business and value chain. The core product is agile, evolving with the changing requirements faced by businesses and boasts the following key functionalities: - Direct supplier engagement and collaboration through data collection questionnaires - Climate scenario planning to inform strategic decision making and understand financial implications - A comprehensive Decarbonisation tool, allowing clients to map their path to Net Zero - Physical risk assessments to determine risk level across the value chain - An ‘ESG Explorer’ module to understand and navigate the myriad ESG regulations, ensure compliance and best practice disclosure
ESGTechESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening201911-50North America, Africa, Europe, Asia,
ESGTech empowers organisations with tools, data, and networks for better decision-making. Our global data management platform enables the ingestion and disclosure of verifiable ESG data, fostering collaboration between financial institutions, corporates, and advisory firms. Together, we enable an ecosystem where stakeholders are easily engaged in an organisation’s sustainability journey, efficiently tracking and monitoring ESG risk and opportunities through continuous material disclosure.
EtchoESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data20211-10United Kingdom based,
We're an impact-focused fintech that aims to seamlessly connect wealth with values. Our solution enables advisors to discover client values, analyse a portfolio's alignment to impact themes, tell personalised sustainability stories, and discover ways to tilt portfolios towards impact preferences (more information below). As two passionate founders, we launched Etcho two years ago. We wanted it to be easier for people to invest in line with their values. We know the power our money can have and truly believe that if people can understand the potential impact their money could have, it will have a transformative effect on the prospects of our people and the future of our planet. We have since raised two rounds of funding, launched various applications and products, and hired extremely exciting talent.
Etops Group AGESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Banking Products/Data2010101-250Switzerland, Germany,
Based on a mix of technology and services, Etops Group focuses on supporting financial service providers through data and technology. Attractive and professional experiences, a developer-friendly infrastructure and intelligent tools that empower every user with insight and knowledge and create the basis for smarter decisions. Many years of experience in integrating custodian banks together with proven back-office services ensure the required data quality on which the core system is based as a wealth operating system which enables the integration of state-of-the-art front-end solutions and the generation of high-quality client reports via open interfaces (API). The platform covers the entire value chain of private banks, asset managers, family offices and institutional investors and meets all compliance requirements. The further development of Etops Group will follow the strategic vision to revolutionise the financial services industry with data-driven products and the use of Machine Learning and GenAI.
FathomESG/Climate Risk201311-50United Kingdom, Europe,
Founded in 2013, Fathom gives risk management professionals the most scientifically robust tools and intelligence for understanding the climate’s impact on water risk. By publishing cutting-edge peer-reviewed academic research and applying it to real-world challenges, Fathom powers better decision-making for (re)insurance, civil engineering, corporate risk, financial markets, disaster response and government. Fathom’s dedicated team of scientists harness their passion for innovation and the environment to develop rigorous catastrophe models and comprehensive mapping and geospatial data that make a real-world difference to customers and communities worldwide. For more information visit
Fenergo is the leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions that digitally transform how financial institutions, asset management and fintech firms onboard and manage clients throughout their client lifecycle. Its software digitally orchestrates every client journey from initial Know your Customer (KYC) and client onboarding, automating regulatory compliance and enabling continuous transaction monitoring throughout the client lifecycle (transaction monitoring, perpetual KYC), all the way to client offboarding. Fenergo is recognized for its in-depth financial services and regulatory expertise and out-of-the-box rules engine which ensures financial institutions are future-proofed against evolving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), KYC, Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), tax and prudential regulations across 120+ jurisdictions. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Fenergo has offices in North America, the UK, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Asia Pacific, and the United Arab Emirates.
Fincite GmbHESG/Climate Risk, Offsetting Analytics & Marketplaces, Investing Products/Data201651-100Nordics, DACH, United States,
Awarded several times for growth and innovation, Fincite is one of the fastest growing WealthTech companies in the German market. Our mission is to bring wealth management into a connected and digital age. ​ ​ We digitize banks, asset managers, wealth managers and family offices from client onboarding through advisory and investment ordering to reporting. ​ ​ Our clients include over 15 of the leading providers from the financial industry including five companies from the TOP 20 European banks. Our team consists of over 60 employees from more than 10 nations with offices in Germany (Frankfurt), Peru and Ukraine.
finresESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data20191-10France, Angola, Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Bolivia, China, Cambodia, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Panama,
Our team of 7 full-time employees and 3 consultants have a total of 12,000 citations, with work in 32 countries leading to a total of 1.4 billion dollars of agricultural investments informed. With our first fundraising round closing at 4.1 million, we are aiming to expand internally and externally and deploy our solutions in more countries and reach more people.
Flowe Spa SBBanking Products/
Flowe is a digital bank, a Benefit, BCorp and Carbon Neutral company part of the Mediolanum Banking Group, which aims to educate young people in terms of humanovability (a combination of the words ‘innovation’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘human centricity’). In this age of endless possibilities, where younger generations often feel uncertain about their future and unable to choose a direction, Flowe wants to give young people all the methods and tools to develop their potential and live better. For this reason, Flowe created an app that empowers them to move forward, take control of their life and their finances, and build a happier future. Flowe believes that, just as oceans can change drop by drop, so can our world and our society – one person at the time. People are always at the center of the journey to build a sustainable future of value through innovation.
Forum 360Corporate Assessment & Reporting, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data20171-10United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Forum 360 is a meeting feedback and analytics platform built by and for asset managers. Simply put, we apply good measurement where it is needed – measuring trust and measuring leadership on sustainability or what we like to call ESG Advocacy.
GaiaLensESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data202111-50United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Switzerland,
GaiaLens is a FinTech group that provides institutional investors with a data-driven, transparent, and real-time ESG analytics platform. We achieve this by combining cutting-edge technologies and the latest thinking in ESG investing. The GaiaLens AI-powered platform comprises a suite of tools to help investors fulfil their ESG needs including portfolio reporting, investment screening, and deep-dive research capabilities. The ESG analytics platform grants live access to accurate and scientifically curated ESG data on 19,000 companies, calculating comprehensive, objective and unbiased real-time scores across E, S and G pillars. Our platform acts as an automated ESG analyst team which can support investors through the whole ESG investment lifecycle and save them a significant amount of time.
Greater ThanESG Intelligence & Data
Greater Than is a driving data analytics company that specializes in understanding driver impact on the roads. Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Greater Than converts GPS data into driver scores that predict crash probability and climate impact. The scores can be further enhanced with additional intelligence including an analytics dashboard, prevention tool, and summary reports. Insurance companies, underwriters, fleet solution providers, mobility providers and other owners of GPS data use Greater Than’s analysis to optimize driver risk management, achieve insurance profitability, manage sustainability & ESG reporting, and monetize GPS data. Greater Than (GREAT.ST) is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. As the universal benchmark for smart driving, we’re extremely proud that our AI is used to measure crash probability and climate impact in the global FIA Smart Driving Challenge.
GreenKPI Pty LtdESG Intelligence & Data Analysis20181-10Australia, United
GreenKPI is a software as a service company with revenue dependant on subscriptions. Our value proposition is that we simplify managing and reporting on sustainability. GreenKPI delivers more for less than our competitors with practical and actionable interactions that lead to measurable change that reduce resource and cost. Our automated, online and interactive reports are easily shared to build trust.
GreenomyESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management202051-100European Union, United States,
Greenomy helps corporates, credit institutions, and asset managers measure, disclose and improve their sustainability according to new EU sustainable finance standards (CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR). 
At Greenomy, we offer corporates a holistic CSRD reporting solution to facilitate their reporting journey making the process 7x times faster than manual reporting. We have developed a user-friendly Company Portal that is specifically designed to address the many challenges organisations face and streamline the entire process. Our CSRD module aims to assist companies in streamlining their CSRD reporting process across different teams and ensuring coherence throughout their ESRS data points. Greenomy is a CDP Accredited Provider 2023. Our solutions were recently recognised with the SWIFT first prize for Sustainability at SIBOS in 2022 in Amsterdam as well as winning first prize in Milan in 2021 at the G20 TechSprint competition for Sustainable Finance solutions.
HACE: Data Changing Child LabourESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data20201-10United Kingdom but will expand into United States and Europe in
Eleanor started HACE in 2020 after working with child labour for over a decade, when she realised that companies have little social visibility into their global supply chains creating blind spots for risk of child labour. If they don’t have visibility, then they cannot see problems and therefore they cannot design impactful solutions. After working on small social science driven projects targeting child labour, Eleanor realised that the only way we could truly address the problem of 160 million children working in supply chains, was by taking a scalable and standardised approach. She knew the key to scale was technology and the key to that technology was data and AI.
Helveteq AGInvesting Products/Data, Banking Products/Data20211-10Switzerland, Europe, Middle
Rooted in the financial center of Switzerland, fully dedicated to positively impact society and the environment through its services and products, Helveteq is the issuer of ESG-transparent investment products. Helveteq covers a wide range of traditional as well as digital assets and operates with an outstanding international network. In 2022, the company was the first issuer of carbon-neutral crypto investment products on SIX. Helveteq offers Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) for self-directed Investors, non-Exchange Traded Products (nETPs) for External Asset Managers, and optimized capital conduits for Banks. Helveteq successfully combines traditional strengths such as excellence and universality of services with continuous innovation in fintech and sustainable finance.
IdealRatingsESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Regulatory Change Management200751-100United States, Canada. Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
Through its two business lines; ESG & Responsible Investment Solutions and Islamic Finance Solutions, IdealRatings offers the largest universe globally for Equities, Fixed Income, REITs along with custom- built Indexes and purification services. The subscription-based services enable users to access a comprehensive range of data analyzed by our experienced Research Team and based on a proprietary methodology complemented with an intuitive state-of-the-art interface and powerful search capabilities with timely coverage.
Impact InstituteESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data201851-100Office in The Netherlands, operate
Impact Institute was founded in 2018 as a social enterprise and a spin-off of True Price. True Price developed methods and tools to measure and monetize negative externalities arising from economic value chains. In 2018, True Price decided to continue as a social enterprise focused on maintaining a standard and building a community to realize true pricing at product levels, a system where consumers can see and voluntarily pay the true price of their products. All activities related to impact measurement and valuation for businesses, as well as the development of new methods and technologies, have therefore been spun off to Impact Institute. Impact Institute creates the language and technology for an economy that serves the world. The language we need are open-source standards for impact measurement and valuation.
impak AnalyticsESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management201751-100Europe (France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands) North America (Canada and United States)
impak Analytics, is an AI-using fintech scale-up that has developed a user-friendly impact data & intelligence platform with impact assessment, scoring and rating solutions. impak Analytics is powered by its mission to help the financial sector make more sustainable decisions thanks to its impact assessment methodology based on international standards and principles such as the Impact Management Platform and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through the double materiality approach, it incorporates positive impacts, more than 3,700 enriched data points and a 1000-point scoring process, called the impak Score™ resulting in impact analyses that are standardized, comparable, reliable and contextualized.
Integrity Next GmbHESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain
IntegrityNext is a leading solution for supply chain sustainability management that empowers companies to improve supply chain sustainability and meet regulatory ESG requirements. The cloud-based platform enables companies to quickly and cost-effectively check their supplier base against sustainability-related regulations (e.g. the German Supply Chain Act), standards (e.g. international human and labour rights), and voluntary commitments (e.g. supply chain decarbonization / Net Zero). IntegrityNext helps its clients identify and manage ESG risks along the value chain, reducing reputational and financial risks and improving sustainability performance.
IntellectAI (parent company - Intellect Design Arena Limited)ESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data20145,001-10,000Intellect Design Arena Limited has a global presence through its offices across 57 countries. Some of the offices are listed below: Americas: United States, Canada, Chile Asia Pacific: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia ANZ: Australia Europe: United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Austria, Portugal IMEA: India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, UAE,
IntellectAI is the InsurTech, WealthTech and ESG businesses of Intellect Design Arena. In the ESG space, we offer custom querying, data inventory, analytics and augmentation services, market sentiment analysis through media coverage, and insights on company governance structure. Our advanced AI and data powered, cloud native products are known to address the most complex business objectives with the highest accuracy and consistency of outcome. Our underlying technology powers sophistication with simplicity ensuring an engaging and insightful user journey. Our skilled technical experts and data scientists seamlessly augment our customer teams to accelerate their transformation journey, easily adapting as business models and technology evolves. For further information on the organization and its solutions, please visit and
invesTRe S.A.ESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data202011-50Luxembourg,
Moniflo is building a platform that will democratize investment funds for underserved retail segments. These investors are frustrated by the cost of investing in funds is too high (need: affordability), the impossibility of understanding the impact of their investments (need: transparency) and, for many, a strong belief that the investment world is too complex (need: ease-of-use and education).
Ivy ProtocolOffsetting Analytics & Marketplaces, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data20221-10HQ in Berlin, Germany. Operate globally
Ivy is building the infrastructure to scale the voluntary carbon market (VCM) by providing early-stage carbon projects with the tools needed to get off the ground with financing and project and data management software. Our software functions as the "glue" to connect and aggregate the complex web of information, data and stakeholders to work seamlessly together, essential to carbon project development. This makes project data much more streamlined, making it more accessible and efficient for entities such as investors, rating agencies, insurers and more. Through Ivy, investors can access a substantial portfolio of over $100m+ of high-quality, vetted projects, particularly within blue carbon, nature restoration, REDD+ and CDR areas. The verified data and claims we collect and assess on each project also makes due diligence process of each investor far smoother and more reliable. We're on a mission to organise the world's planetary data to accelerate climate financing.
Jupiter IntelligenceESG/Climate Risk201751-100Global with focus in Americas, EMEA, and
Jupiter Intelligence is the trusted leader in climate risk analytics for organizations looking to strengthen their climate resilience. With forward-focused, rigorous methodologies and analytics delivered by some of the best scientists in the industry, Jupiter turns sophisticated climate science into actionable data. By managing, mitigating, and disclosing your climate risk, organizations can confront the challenges of tomorrow, today. Jupiter’s customers include five percent of the world’s largest enterprises, many companies within the Global 2000, the U.S. Department of Defense, and public sector authorities in jurisdictions around the world. Its analytics have been adopted by at least one of the world’s five largest entities in asset management, banking, chemicals, insurance, oil and gas, minerals and mining, electric utilities and construction. Jupiter’s partnerships include most of the world’s largest accounting, consulting, engineering and insurance firms, and defense contractors, including Aon, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Guidehouse (formerly Navigant), MS&AD, and Zurich Insurance.
KammaESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201511-50United
Kamma is a UK based technology company that uses geospatial data to support regulatory compliance and drive the built environment to Net Zero. Kamma’s solutions are powered by a proprietary engine built to detect, aggregate, cleanse and integrate messy and disparate information into central, usable and dynamic datasets. On top of Kamma’s datastore and engine sit modern clean technology products, providing data, answers and business solutions via a suite of technology products. Our initial core market was in solving the complex issue of property licensing: the diverse set of legislative tools introduced to devolve power and responsibility for raising minimum standards in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) to Local Authorities. Since launching that vertical, we have brought on the majority of large names in the industry, including brands such as Hamptons, Purplebricks, CBRE, Knight Frank, JLL and many more.
KayrrosESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management2016101-250Our headquarters are in France and we have subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, the United States, in India and in
Kayrros is a leader in geospatial analytics that provides accurate and timely data through atmospheric measurements based on satellite detection and artificial intelligence. The Kayrros Platform merges all available data on a given industrial asset to provide reliable, frequent, accurate, geo-referenced and time-stamped information on the state of selected physical assets. In short, the data required for a sustainable future. Initially focused on the energy sector, Kayrros has progressively developed new data analysis pipelines and increased the scope of its activities, leveraging on its mastery of the carbon chain from fossil extraction to sequestration.
KEY ESGESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Regulatory Change Management202011-50Europe, United Kingdom, United States,
KEY ESG is a UK-based SaaS company which collects, reports and improves ESG and carbon accounting data for private equity, fund managers and companies. Founded in 2020 by two Harvard MBA graduates, the company now operates across Europe, the UK and US and has several private equity clients with over 200 portfolio companies and direct-to-company clients as well. ESG regulations are complex and constantly evolving and there is increasing focus on carbon emissions and ESG practices from governments, regulatory bodies and consumers. Long term value creation for both investors and companies relies on good ESG processes from data disclosure to improvement actions. KEY ESG’s simple, intuitive platform solves the inefficiency and inaccuracy of historic data collection methods and is flexible to meet different levels of ESG maturity, company size and complexity.
KharonESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening2016101-250Kharon has offices in North America and the United Kingdom/EU, and employees located throughout the world. Kharon’s clients, which currently numbers about 400, are located on all six
Kharon is a unique data and technology solution in that it shows a user risk that may otherwise go undetected, such as exposure to forced labor practices in China or convoluted minority ownership related to trade-restricted actors with forced labor considerations. Every day there are new forced labor considerations (US, EU, UK, Canada, Germany, et al). Modern trade, supply chain, and ESG programs are facing resource and logistical challenges of needing to make sense of seemingly endless information from various sources, languages, and structures. Kharon in turn provides reliable answers, providing credible information pathways that are quickly understood by users. Kharon allows users to automatically and instantly surface connections between a party in question (for example a prospective client) and a restricted actor, even when there may be dozens of “layers” - complex ownership chains, vendor relationships, et al - in between the two.
KidbrookeESG Intelligence & Data
By distilling decades of research in the fields of quantitative analysis, behavioural economics, and portfolio management into flexible APIs, Kidbrooke empowers banks, insurers and wealth managers to build next-generation digital and physical customer experiences. Their core API platform, OutRank, allows the financial institutions to create engaging and consistent customer and advisor journeys in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to develop them from scratch.
kWh AnalyticsESG/Climate Risk201211-50United
kWh Analytics is a leading provider of Climate Insurance for renewable energy assets. The company moves the trillions of dollars of insurance capital to support climate-forward assets, starting with renewable energy. As the manager of a proprietary database of over 300,000 operating solar facilities, kWh uses real-world project performance data and decades of expertise to accurately price and underwrite unique risk transfer products on behalf of insurance partners. The Solar Revenue Put production insurance protects against downside risk and unlocks preferred financing terms. The kWh Property Insurance offers comprehensive coverage against physical loss. kWh has insured $4 billion of assets to date.
KYNDESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201811-50United Kingdom, Europe, United
KYND’s pioneering tech provides an unrivalled instant view of an organisation’s cyber risks and prioritises the red flags they need to address to stay ahead of cyber threats and incorporate cyber risk management as part of their ESG governance. Unlike many others out there, it’s presented in a simple and easy to understand format (forget pages of reports or arbitrary scoring) that you don’t need to be an IT guru to decipher.
ManaosESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Offsetting Analytics & Marketplaces, Investing Products/Data201811-50Europe, MEA, APAC, North
Manaos, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, emerged in 2018 with a vision to transform the landscape of investment services by introducing a platform that simplifies access to these services. By leveraging an open architecture approach, Manaos aims to streamline the management of investment services, providing a straightforward and effective solution. The platform officially went live in 2019 with its first product portfolio look-through, offering a data exchange interface where investors and asset managers can get a comprehensive view of their portfolios and dive deep into all aspects of their investments. In 2021, the team released its ESG marketplace, serving as a hub where investors can seamlessly integrate their portfolio data with leading ESG data and service providers. This integration allows investors to test various solutions with limited commitment before finalizing their preferred service combination.
MeasurablESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data2013101-250Headquartered in the United States, with employees in clients in more than 90 countries across the globe, including Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and
Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted real estate ESG solution, empowering customers to measure, manage, and report ESG data on over 17 billion square feet (1.5 billion square meters) of commercial real estate in 90 countries. For more than 10 years, Measurabl has helped the industry’s most innovative real estate companies optimize their ESG performance, assess exposure to physical climate risk, act on decarbonization and sustainable finance opportunities, and monitor regulatory compliance. This is accomplished through automated data capture, on-demand reporting capabilities, and verified service providers. Measurabl’s solution is best-in-class, allowing real estate leaders to harness the power of data to take impactful actions to achieve ambitious ESG goals.
mnAiESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data201711-50United
mnAi uses proprietary data and technology to supply unique research, analytics, insight, and due diligence on all UK companies, with a particular focus on ESG. Our core product is a unique data asset made up of 12bn+ data points covering 11m+ UK companies and 37m+ people which is updated and refreshed in real-time. From supply chain benchmarking and early warning indicators through to detailed analysis and reporting, we offer end-to-end, intelligent solutions to help clients reduce their emissions footprint and simplify their carbon journey.
modefinanceESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Banking Products/Data200951-100Italy, Europe,
modefinance -part of the TeamSystem group- is a Fintech Rating Agency registered as a CRA and ECAI, specialized in developing digital solutions for credit risk assessment and management. Thanks to its data science and AI-based multi-objective rating evaluation methodology, MORE, modefinance provides accurate and transparent credit risk analyses of any company or financial institution worldwide. modefinance solutions allow users to easy access to all the public financial data and information and are provided with a powerful array of risk analysis tools for the automation of all the evaluation procedures.
MultiplyInvesting Products/Data, Banking Products/Data201611-50Currently United Kingdom/Ireland. Although the company can operate
Multiply offers a full-stack digital advice solution as well as independent applications that may be readily incorporated into a company's existing tech infrastructure. Multiply offers full or hybrid automation. FCA-regulated, we've earned our stripes by testing and perfecting our technology. We've witnessed the impact of digitising advice through our own app. We've generated over 200,000 advice recommendations on over £3 billion in assets in the last 6 years. We aim to share our knowledge with the wider financial services industry. Many advisers still collect data, calculate numbers, and hand-deliver solutions. This takes several hours and is costly. Multiply reduces this to minutes. This makes financial advice more affordable and accessible while reducing costs and increasing revenues for providers. One of Ireland's leading financial institutions has white-labelled our technology, looking to roll it out to their 1.6 million consumers.
Nash fintechXOffsetting Analytics & Marketplaces20211-10Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa & United
Nash fintechX, launched in 2021, is a SaaS provider headquartered in Luxembourg with a vision to empower corporations with the optimum software to achieve progress and sustainability. The company’s mission is to make carbon markets transparent and equip them with tools to validate their efforts towards tackling climate change. Nash fintechX has an interdisciplinary team comprised of computer scientists, computer engineers, fintech and sustainability experts. The company has launched three software for the climate sector, namely, CNet0, a carbon offset platform, DCarbonX, a blockchain-based carbon market and CTrackX, a carbon footprint calculator. Nash FintechX has received multiple accolades through DCarbonX and has been mentioned in the media in Luxembourg, France and Middle East. - The CEO got the second prize for SDG Global Talent Award 2023 for SDG 13 for DCarbonX in an event held in Norway, which was backed by the World Economic Forum.
Neural AlphaESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data201611-50United Kingdom, Europe,
At Neural Alpha we stand at the forefront of ESG innovation, offering tailored and scalable solutions to help businesses navigate the fast changing world of ESG. We build market leading ESG data products and analytics for a spectrum of industries, including; asset & investment managers, governments, banking, downstream corporates, and financial data vendors.
NormativeESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data2014101-250Global Offices in Sweden, Denmark, United
Normative is the world’s first carbon accounting engine, enabling enterprises to calculate their full carbon footprints and reduce their emissions to net zero. With rigorous, science-based emissions factors and rich value chain insights, Normative delivers accurate and comprehensive carbon calculations through scope 1, 2, and 3 for enterprises globally. Headquartered in Stockholm, Normative accelerates the transition to net zero and partners with leading climate change organizations including the UN.
Novatus AdvisoryESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201911-50United
We enable our clients to navigate their most complex issues, maximise commercial opportunities, and build sustainable futures. We provide the tools and knowledge needed to meet complex risk and regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions. By combining deep industry knowledge with adaptable technology we help you maintain a competitive edge over your industry peers, report to your regulators, and be assured your business is compliant. Our team and technologies specialise in Transaction Reporting, Operational Resilience and DORA, Authorisations, ESG, Risk, and Compliance for financial services firms.
Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Banking Products/Data202211-50United
Oka, The Carbon Insurance Company™ is on a mission to ensure every carbon credit is insured. Oka has built a highgrowth business, leveraging its data-driven underwriting platform to protect carbon credits by replacing or augmenting them in the event of credit registry removal or value impairment. By partnering with Oka, carbon credit sellers can increase the value of their credits and corporate buyers can trust their financial investments and reputations are secure, protecting their net-zero claims.
OneStream SoftwareCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis20121,001-5,000North America, EMEA, Latin America, Asia
OneStream provides an intelligent finance platform built to enable confident decision-making and maximize business impact. OneStream unleashes organizational value by unifying data management, financial close and consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and machine learning. We empower Finance and Operations teams with AI-enabled insights to make faster and more intelligent decisions every single day. All in a single, modern CPM platform designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization.
OWL ESGESG Intelligence & Data Analysis201211-50United States, Canada, and Europe, primarily, but also Asia and South America, particularly building out in the Middle
We are a sustainability focused FinTech company that has leveraged machine reading comprehension AI to bring the highest quality ESG data to the market. On this foundation, we have built tools to address investor needs around ESG strategies.
Oxford RiskESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/
Founded in 2002 by leading behavioural scientists from Oxford University, Oxford Risk use behavioural finance software to help investors make better decisions. Each year investors lose on average 300 bps of returns due to the need for emotional comfort. Advisers, banks, wealth managers, pension providers, and financial institutions use Oxford Risk's software solutions to help guide investors to higher returns and enjoy greater client engagement, asset growth, and regulatory peace of mind. Founded in 2002 by leading behavioural scientists from Oxford University, Oxford Risk uses behavioural finance, data science, and quantitative finance to build technology for advisers, wealth managers, banks, pension providers, and financial institutions. This enables them to gain the deepest possible insights of their clients, investors, and members in order to support the best possible financial decisions throughout their lives.
Permutable AIESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening20201-10United Kingdom, Singapore, United
Founded by Wilson Chan at the beginning of 2020, London-based Permutable Technologies has been largely self-funded but has also secured funding from Innovate UK. The company intends to develop a “global consciousness”, capable of providing the full scope of transparency needed to ensure that we can each fulfil our role in addressing the climate crisis. As more and more businesses have begun to advance their sustainability strategies, it is vital that their commitments are backed by real-world action that can be monitored and assessed with total clarity. Without transparent data, it is impossible for stakeholders to determine whether companies are truly walking the walk, rather than merely talking the talk. This makes it difficult for investors to assess new opportunities or businesses within their existing portfolios, while consumers may struggle to identify choices that align with their personal values.
Physis InvestmentESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management201911-50United States and
- Product: The Physis platform empowers institutional investors in the capital markets to streamline sustainable investment processes, drive asset growth, and attract and retain clients. - How we’re unique: Our technology enables investors to instantly research, build, and report on investments' daily impact using real data, such as carbon emissions and women in management. We deliver data granularity where others cannot for over 14,000 companies, 335,000 funds, and 15 years of historical information. - Team: The team comes from Harvard, Fidelity, Sustainalytics, and Motion Array. Before starting Physis, I was Europe's youngest impact fund manager, growing my fund from $16M to $100M AUM in two years and advising institutional investors for $90 B. - Traction: The product is post-production, generating revenue and acquiring clients in the EU and USA. Clients pay an annual subscription fee starting at $25K per user.
Position GreenESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, Supply Chain Screening2015251-500Operational presence: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Benelux, United Kingdom, United States. However, we have customers all over the
Position Green is a leading provider of integrated ESG solutions that empowers sustainable business and supports PE clients throughout the investment cycle. Combining specialist expertise within ESG software, strategy and communications, our complete offering creates value and accelerates impact through data-driven software, advisory services, independent assurance and e-learning. Born in the Nordics, Position Green has more than 500 clients worldwide and 250 employees in seven locations. Operating out of Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg, Houston and London, Position Green currently manages USD 500 billion and has screened and monitored over 2000 assets to date.
PriceHubbleESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data2016101-250France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Czechia, Slovakia, United Kingdom,
PriceHubble was founded to bring transparency into real estate markets globally. We provide insights & solutions to our clients, allowing them to take smarter real estate decisions and enabling them to boost critical performance metrics in their business (e.g. client conversion, retention or rental yield). PriceHubble has gathered a unique team of data scientists, engineers and seasoned entrepreneurs to provide its clients the most advanced real estate insights, seamlessly integrated into their daily business processes. As a B2B Company, PriceHubble addresses banks, asset managers, developers, property managers and real estate agents with its digital solutions. PriceHubble is privileged to be backed by world class investors.
QuantfolioInvesting Products/Data, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management201611-50Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom,
Quantfolio delivers omni channel advisory technology with sustainable finance at the core for leading Nordic & European banks and wealth managers. Quantfolio is the Nordics fastest growing provider of autonomous and human assisted advisory technology, and currently have some of the Nordics major brands on their client list reaching in excess of 5M potential users.
QuantifindCorporate Assessment & Reporting200911-50North America, Latin America,Europe,
Quantifind’s Graphyte platform drives automation in anti-money laundering (AML) investigations, name screening, and KYC by automatically extracting predictive risk signals from vast stores of unstructured public data. It is used by customers to automate their risk monitoring and anti-money laundering (AML) investigation processes. Its accuracy and features enable customers to improve the efficiency of their AML investigations by 40% or more. Graphyte has been used for over a decade by governments and Fortune 50 companies to gain insights from a comprehensive array of public sources. Its success is rooted in its fusion of science with design; machine learning innovations with intuitive, feature-rich web applications and APIs.
RavenPackESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data2003101-250United States,
RavenPack is the leading big data analytics provider for financial services. Financial professionals rely on RavenPack for its speed and accuracy in analyzing large amounts of unstructured content. The company’s products allow clients to enhance returns, reduce risk or increase efficiency by incorporating the effects of public information in their models or workflows. RavenPack’s clients include the most successful hedge funds, banks, and asset managers in the world.
Red Oak ComplianceCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data
Red Oak Compliance Software, LLC is a privately held firm based in Cedar Park, Texas. The company is the global leader in providing advertising compliance review software for financial service firms, with clients having more than $25 trillion in assets under management. Red Oak’s flagship advertising compliance review software is 100% Books and Records compliant and enables marketing and sales professionals the flexibility to securely submit material for review and approval by compliance, legal and other subject matter experts. Red Oak were recognized in 2022 for the fourth consecutive year as one of the INC. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Firms in the U.S. and as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for the third consecutive year by the Financial Times.
RegnologyESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management2020501-1,000Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg,
Regnology is a leading technology firm on a mission to bring safety and stability to the financial markets. With an exclusive focus on regulatory reporting and more than 35,000 financial institutions, 70 regulators, international organizations and tax authorities relying on our solutions to process their regulatory reporting data, we’re uniquely positioned to bring greater data quality, efficiency, and cost savings to all market participants. With over 900 employees in 17 countries and a unified data ingestion model powering our work, our clients can quickly implement and derive value from our solutions and easily keep pace with ongoing regulatory changes. Regnology was formed in 2021 when BearingPoint RegTech, a former business unit of BearingPoint Group, joined forces with Vizor Software, a global leader in regulatory and supervisory technology.
ResponsibliESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data202011-50Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore,
Our company is built on a foundation of research of how to apply deep learning to the world of investment research. Our mission is to help investors understand how to value externalities, with a goal of connecting ESG factors directly to company valuations. By factoring in good and bad corporate behaviour into valuations, we will not only help investors improve performance, but also incentivize more responsible corporate practices, getting us closer to accomplishing the mission of driving positive change on a global scale.
Rimm SustainabilityESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Offsetting Analytics & Marketplaces, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management202051-100Singapore, Tokyo,
We stand for Real Impact Matters Most. At Rimm, we believe sustainability management is best understood and practiced like any other critical business function such as CRM, operations or finance. Rimm was born from our founder’s experience in the investment banking industry, where he realized that there was a dire need for accessible, everyday sustainability solutions. Revolving around inclusivity and accessibility, we focus on unlocking an open world where sustainability is no longer elusive to the people.
SESAMmESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data201451-100EMEA, North America, APAC, United
SESAMm is an innovative technology firm specializing in AI-powered text analysis tools strongly focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analytics. Our primary aim is to provide actionable insights to financial institutions, particularly private equity firms, and asset managers, who are increasingly committed to responsible and sustainable investment practices. SESAMm’s portfolio of tools, including TextReveal, addresses critical industry pain points such as the lack of timely insights into ESG controversies, the inability to monitor variations in sustainability-related metrics, and the growing need for comprehensive due diligence in investment processes. Our technology scours vast swaths of textual data, including more than 20 billion articles and forums in over 100 languages, to offer unprecedented depth in analyzing ESG controversies and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) positive-impact events. By doing so, we position our clients to make informed investment decisions that align not only with financial objectives but also with global sustainability norms.
SkenarioLabsESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management201511-50Europe, North
SkenarioLabs builds digital representations of every building, everywhere. We look at what they are made of, how they are used and how energy efficient they are. We then apply our proprietary models to establish links between value, performance and risk to help owners, investors, insurers and Governments make the most financially and environmentally beneficial decisions. With a commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by professionals in these industries, SkenarioLabs offers a range of cutting-edge tools and platforms designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and navigate the complexities of today's dynamic business environment. At the core of SkenarioLabs' offerings is a suite of advanced data analytics and risk assessment tools. These tools enable real estate and financial services professionals to gain precise insights into market conditions, property performance, and investment opportunities.
Smart CommunicationsESG Intelligence & Data Analysis2016251-500United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Australia,
Smart Communications is a leading technology company focused on helping businesses engage in more meaningful customer conversations. Its Conversation Cloud™ platform uniquely delivers personalised, omnichannel conversations across the entire customer experience, empowering companies to succeed in today’s digital-focused, customer-driven world while also simplifying processes and operating more efficiently. Smart Communications is headquartered in the UK and serves more than 650 customers from offices located across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Smart Communications’ Conversation Cloud platform includes the enterprise-scale customer communications management (CCM) power of SmartCOMM, forms transformation capabilities made possible by SmartIQ and the trade documentation expertise of SmartDX. In 2021, the company acquired Assentis, a leading European software solutions provider specializing in customer communications management (CCM) with a focus on the financial services industry. Smart Communications’ cloud native architecture provides APIs and connectors to existing tech ecosystem, such as Guidewire, Duck Creek, Salesforce, Pega, etc.
SugiESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Offsetting Analytics & Marketplaces20201-10United Kingdom,
Sugi was founded to bring greater transparency and understanding to sustainable investing across the board, so investors can make informed decisions when managing their portfolios. Sugi’s independence means that our clients - and their own clients - can trust our data is free from greenwashing. The company launched as a consumer facing app in 2021, resulting in much success and awareness for its consumer brand. Today, Sugi still provides core data on its app for free and participates in consumer forums for wider awareness-building of green investing. In 2021, the company launched its B2B model, announcing its first partnership with Artorius Wealth Management. In 2023, Sugi launched a partnership with Addepar, one of the world’s leading wealth reporting platforms. Through Sugi’s API, wealth managers, family offices and private banks are able to seamlessly deliver Sugi’s personalised metrics to their clients and enhancing their ESG offerings.
Sustainable PlatformESG/Climate Risk, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data201711-50Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand,
Based in Australia, Sustainable Platform provides independent sustainability impact (SDG) metrics on over 30,000 company listings in all markets to fund managers and regulators. The company uses fundamental sustainability research combined with natural language processing to deliver portfolio managers real time and forward looking risk metrics on publicliy listed companies in a way that is easily understandable and can enhance returns.
SWEEPESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, Supply Chain Screening, Regulatory Change Management2020101-250Our platform users are based across the world (Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia)
Sweep maps climate data across an entire business to reduce carbon emissions, improve ESG performance and create audit-ready reports to run the best sustainability programs. With our secure platform: Financial actorsCompanies can build a robust carbon reduction and ESG strategy using international standards to meet the latest disclosure rules. Companies can reduce emissions by tracking and managing financed emissionssupply chain emissions, and connecting with portfolio companies to reduce collaborativelysuppliers. Companies can complement their carbon reduction efforts with targeted climate contributions, collectively working towards carbon neutrality.
swissQuant Group AGESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data200551-100Globally, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Benelux, UAE, Singapore, Hong
Founded in 2005, swissQuant Group is an independent business solutions provider that empowers the financial industry to take control of its future. Based in Zurich, swissQuant partners with leading financial institutions across the globe to pioneer and deliver the digital head-start that matters. Our focus on next-generation innovation and AI research-based solutions, combined with 18 years of market experience, makes us the partner of choice for leading financial organizations around the world, including a growing number of global Fortune 500 companies.
The Upright ProjectESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Offsetting Analytics & Marketplaces, Supply Chain Screening, Investing Products/Data201711-50Headquartered in Finland, serving clients in 15 countries across three
Upright aims to build the world’s #1 impact data platform where all impact-related data on companies is found under one roof in a comparable format. Investors and companies use the platform to track and improve their impact while complying with regulations. The Upright team currently consists of ~50 data scientists, ESG experts, and finance professionals.
TietoevryCorporate Assessment & Reporting196810,000+Europe, India, South Africa, United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab
WealthMapper & Insurance-in-a-Box provide a full range of products and services spanning back office, advisory and digital channels for the insurance and wealth sector. Financial Institutions can leverage the WealthMapper for unlocking new market potential with goal-based savings, financial planning, automated-advisory, sustainable investing, automated rebalancing, micro-savings, lending and mortgages, portfolio management, funds and equities and many more accelerators. Insurers, Managing General Agents (MGAs) and brokers can use Insurance-in-a-Box for fast-tracking their digital greenfield start-ups or for transforming their current lT landscape in a future proof flexible platform. Both Property & Casualty as well as Life & Pension lines of businesses are supported. Together with their partners Tietoevry empower their customers with best-in-class solutions in an Open Ecosystem mode. Their modular and pre-packaged approach ensures flexible and optimum cost of ownership. Their customers are able to innovate and invent new services and business models.
Turbo Net ZeroESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis2021101-250North America,
Turbo Net Zero is an innovative sustainability intelligence firm with headquarters in New York and a vital presence in Shanghai, enabling comprehensive coverage of both the North American and APAC markets. Catering specifically to private equity asset owners, GPs, and their portfolio companies, our approach blends risk-avoidance, risk-mitigation, and value creation tools within the ESG sphere. Our achievements speak volumes about our expertise and commitment. Working with asset managers controlling an aggregated AUM of over $200 billion, we have successfully completed over $10 billion transactions in ESG diligence. Through our targeted ESG strategies, we have assisted several portfolio companies in achieving higher value, demonstrating the tangible benefits of our approach. Turbo Net Zero is an early supporter of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) and a member of the Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (HKVCA).
Turnkey Group Pte Ltd201711-50Singapore, United
We’ve always believed in helping people build a better future. Since the very beginning, we’ve been on a mission to find solutions that make a positive difference. We care - Through our technology we want to improve processes and streamline data. Through our relationships we want to support and guide people to help them make better decisions that have better outcomes. We try our best - We go the extra mile, and we pride ourselves on our customer service; our team is always happy to help and is here to make our partners’ lives easier. We do things the right way - We don’t cut corners because we never want to compromise on quality. We are diverse - We are committed to fairness and transparency.
UBIRCH GMBHESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening201411-50Europe, Middle
UBIRCH is a data management company that brings reliability and efficiency into data driven processes and establishes trustworthy high performance networks between multiple stakeholders. Founded and managed by experienced specialists in cryptography, blockchain and data-driven business models, UBIRCH is combining robust cryptography, modern blockchain technology and advanced data management capabilities into an innovative, easy to use SaaS product. Together with a consortium of renowned companies, the Cologne-based company has developed and is operating the official infrastructure of the EU Digital COVID Certificate for Germany. The ESG Data Exchange Network builds upon this bullet proof infrastructure and enables a machine-readable, audit proof ecosystem of ESG data. Further information is available at
U-RegCorporate Assessment & Reporting, Regulatory Change Management201911-50APAC EMEA
U-Reg is a Singapore RegTech, certified by the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). U-Reg is a cloud-native, subscription-based SaaS platform that helps financial institutions, their customers and their business counterparts, meet compliance and regulatory obligations, including ESG, with accuracy, increased speed and simplified ease. The U-Reg platform streamlines end-to-end regulatory processes to facilitate seamless, secure, and compliant exchange of regulatory information among financial institutions, their clients, business partners, and regulators. The platform is live, with over 135 user entities. U-Reg’s ESG solutions enable users to efficiently collect, manage, process, and share taxonomy-aligned information, at scale.
UtilCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data201711-50United Kingdom, United
Util is the only sustainability data provider that uses AI across peer-reviewed journals to objectively quantify a company’s impact, giving investors the evidence they need to deliver on their sustainable investing goals. Since 2020, Util has shaken the sustainable data market by reimagining how it could be done. Our approach resonates with a growing roster of clients, including Nuveen, Pictet, Danske Bank, PGIM and CBOE, gaining traction across media outlets including Investment Week, Environmental Finance, the FT, Bloomberg, Responsible Investor. Util has been selected for and participated in a suite of world-leading accelerators, including the NY FinTech Innovation Lab, London Mayor's International Business Programme, and the Mass Challenge 2022 FinTech program. In 2022, Util won Environmental Finance’s ESG Research of the Year, North America and Investment Week’s Best Sustainable Investment Research and Ratings Provider. In 2023, Util is growing and has expanded into the US.
Vadis TechnologiesESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening201811-50France, Benelux,
adis Technologies is a pioneering European company in Big Data Analytics, Third-Party Risk Management (#TPRM) and Know-Your-Business (#KYB) solutions. We transform public and private data into a structured database to help our clients gain insights about risks. With our unique Data-as-a-service approach, we harvest and enrich complex business data to offer risk scoring and 360° third party monitoring. Our team includes Data Mining experts, Business Analysts, Software Developers and multiple partners aiming at offering optimum support to our clients.
ValuecoESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data, Banking Products/Data, Regulatory Change Management20221-10France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States,
ValueCo is a mission-driven company that aims to explicitly integrate environmental, social and human criteria into company performance and market valuations. We are developing the first SaaS ESG analysis solution based on the proprietary views of professional investors. We are the only player to collect and leverage the internal opinions of asset managers, thanks to our collaborative model and our cutting-edge research, conducted in-house and with academic partners. This model enables us to draw on the collective intelligence of responsible investors to improve market practices as a whole.
WatershedESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Offsetting Analytics & Marketplaces, Supply Chain Screening2019251-500North America, South America, United Kingdom, EU,
Watershed is the enterprise climate platform. Companies like Airbnb, Carlyle Group, Everlane, YETI, and BBVA use Watershed to measure, report and act on their emissions, so they can produce audit-ready carbon footprints that drive real reductions. With embedded climate intelligence from the world’s leading climate and policy experts, Watershed is the platform of choice for companies seeking to satisfy regulatory requirements, unlock new business opportunities, and address climate-related risks. Watershed customers also have exclusive access to a marketplace of pre-vetted, high-quality carbon projects and groundbreaking virtual power purchase agreements.
WequityCorporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis20211-10Belgium, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom,
Founded in 2021 by Gabriel Levie and Franck-Victor Laurant while they were still students at UCLouvain, Wequity came to life with ambitions of transforming the world of finance, encouraging investors to acknowledge their social responsibilities while aligning their financial commitments. Wequity's unique approach involves the integration of internal and external data to provide a deeper, more dynamic evaluation of a company's ESG performance. This philosophy has garnered support from its esteemed investors and attracted collaboration with BEL 20 companies and prominent asset managers.
YvesBlue CorpESG/Climate Risk, Corporate Assessment & Reporting, ESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Supply Chain Screening, Regulatory Change
YvesBlue is the only solution that delivers an end-to-end, ESG Software as a Service platform (ESGSaaS™), that significantly lowers costs, delivers integration of ESG/Impact investing in minutes rather than years, and systematically provides the required knowledge and expertise to transform data into meaningful and actionable insight.
ZetiESG Intelligence & Data Analysis, Investing Products/Data202011-50United Kingdom, United
Zeti is a green fintech scaleup that originated in London but now also operates in California and New York. We’re on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and make it easier for fleets to transition to zero and ultra-low vehicles whilst also offering institutional lenders the option to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns in a new, clean asset class. Zeti's digital financing platform connects operators of business-critical vehicle fleets to facilitate clean mobility. The company sits at the intersection of fintech, mobility, and sustainability, unlocking the potential of technology to revolutionize the financing of transport and support the goals of business and society.