6th March 2019, 2pm – 5pm
Rise London, 41 Luke Street, Shoreditch EC2A 4DP, London

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Join FinTech Global and Techstars for an Early- stage InsurTech Forum on March 6th following on from The Global InsurTech Summit (March 5th) to discuss the latest trends in InsurTech with a focus on early- stage start-ups in the insurance space, which includes applications from AI, IoT, Big data & analytics.

The Forum will consist of presentations and panel discussions from early-stage companies and investors, followed by networking.

Hear our guest speakers explore the key questions below:

  • What are the challenges and tribulations early-stage InsurTechs face?
  • Who and what is out there helping early-stage InsurTechs overcome these challenges?
  • What’s the biggest challenge VCs regularly face in working with early-stage InsurTechs?
  • How can different supporting actors work together?
  • How do you differentiate yourself as an investor?
  • What’s the biggest challenge insurers regularly face in working with early-stage InsurTechs?
  • What have VCs found in the InsurTech space over the past few years and have they seen what was expected? What are the predictions for where the InsurTech market is going in the future?
  • What are the factors to determining potential InsurTech winners and what are VCs looking for when making investments?

Speakers include:
Kartik Varma, Managing Director, Techstars
Adele Robertson, Director, Insurance Propositions, Barclays
Charlie Evans, Head of Deadflow, InsurTech Gateway
Ben Davis, Co-Founder, Digital Asset Services Ltd
Kevin McLoughlin, Founding Partner, MTech Capital
Vinoth Jayakumar, Principal, Draper Esprit
Pasquale Saviano, Founder, Photocert
Charmaine Chin, Investment Director, Alma Mundi Fund | Mundi Ventures
Sabine VanderLinden, Global CEO, SBC InsurTech
Daniel Schmidheiny, Co-Founder & COO, vlot.


The Forum starts at 2pm on 6th March at Rise London- the accelerator programme created by Barclays for innovation and growth in financial services. The address is 41 Luke Street, Shoreditch EC2A 4DP, London.


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