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Jetty releases new pet insurance policy

From: FinTech Global

Renters insurance platform Jetty has released its new pet protection service for property managers.

Jetty Pet can be used alone or combined with Jetty Deposit and used to replace a traditional up-front pet deposit charge. The policy gives properties protection from pet-related damages.

The InsurTech recently launched a US-wide survey which found over 70% of pet owners have decided not to apply to a rental home or flat due to the costs of having a pet were too high. The company claims this has an impact on the number of qualified applicants in pet-friendly buildings, but without pet protections, the properties are at risk.

With Jetty Pet, renters pay a small, one-time fee to replace a pet deposit.

Jetty CEO and co-founder Mike Rudoy said, “We always have an ear to the ground on the fundamental problems our partners face, and how we can solve even more of them.

“Jetty Pet is just another way we give Partners the protection they need, while keeping costs low for the many pet-loving renters nationwide.”

The InsurTech closed a $25m Series B round earlier in the year from backers including Khosla Ventures managing director Keith Rabois, Valar Ventures and Ribbit Capital.

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