Amanda Brock

European Representative, Open Invention Network

Amanda Brock

European Representative, Open Invention Network


Amanda Brock, European Representative, Open Invention Network Sept 2019

Amanda is CEO of Trustable and a European Representative of the Open Invention Network.

Amanda has been a senior international in-house lawyer and business person for 25 years, which started with her first in-house legal role in 1999, as the first lawyer to work on the Freeserve ISP, taking it through to IPO. With a Masters in IP and technology which included the UK’s first internet law course in 1996 she has worked across technology since.

Unusually for a technology lawyer, Amanda has worked in financial services at Towers Watson and leading on Digital financial services in the Digital transformation team at Veon, where her work was in 12 emerging markets including Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. She has also worked closely with brokers and on consumer credit and extended warranty in a number of organisations, which involved supporting a captive insurer.

Her open source engagement began in 2008 when she became General Counsel of Canonical, setting up the legal department and working with Ubuntu. During her 5 years at Canonical and since, she has been an active participant in the FOSS community. Having represented Canonical as an Associate Board Member until 2012, Amanda has been a European Representative of the Open Invention Network since 2012.

She has participated in the Open source community being on the OpenStack legal committee that worked on the foundation of OpenStack, the Linux Foundation’s General Counsel Committee, leading Project Harmony, playing a significant role in the European Legal Network becoming the pre-eminent organisation for lawyers with an interest in Free and Open Source matters and promoting open source across a variety of sectors. She has been external counsel to Mozilla and the Genevi Foundation. This involvement has led to Amanda having a strong understanding collaboration and co-opetition.

Her technology experience has been broad and ranges from SOC, to AI, to IoT and wearables.

Amanda is a frequent international speaker on topics around open source and tech and has spoken for over a decade at a slew of FOSS events, from FOSDEM, Open Stack and the Linux Foundation to Open Source for Business, Genevi, Transfer Summit, FINOS and the ELN annual conference.  She recently addressed the UK’s Audit Futures on Collaboration.

She writes on technology and legal issues, with a weekly column on tech in and is a founding editor of the International Free and Open Source Law Review. She is author of “E-Business: A Practical Guide to the Laws” (2 editions); the commercial agreements chapter of the Oxford University Press’ “Free and Open Source Software, Policy, Law and Practice”; and was co-author of Insurance Broker’s Marsh’s Cloud risk framework in 2011 as well as contributing to numerous other journals and publications on IP and Open Source.


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