Sabine VanderLinden

Partner, Rainmaking Insurtech

Sabine VanderLinden

Partner, Rainmaking Insurtech


Sabine VanderLinden is the CEO for InsurTech activities at Startupbootcamp, Europe’s leading early-stage and independent accelerator for insurance technology start-ups as well as Rainmaking’s corporate innovation and growth venture focussed at the insurance and InsurTech spaces.

At Startupbootcamp, Sabine cultivates the expertise of a large group of leading insurers, investors and mentors to bring the innovation of cohorts of promising start-ups across multiple geographies to market within a three month-period.

At Rainmaking Innovation, she leads corporate innovation within the Insurance space to shape solutions to support insurers, brokers and other insurance providers address core challenges and design innovation and execution initiatives that work.

Sabine is one of the few influencers, who identified InsurTech as a growth market in late-2014 and made InsurTech the defacto term to acknowledge the digital shift brought about by new ventures entering the insurance and technology space.

Considered one of the few leading women in InsurTech, VanderLinden ranks among the top 50 InsurTech influencers across a number of insurance influencer lists. She brings 20 years of senior positions and extensive operational and growth strategy expertise gleaned from her corporate innovation and start-up acceleration activities working with global firms including IBM, FICO, Pegasystems and SSP and 100s of well-known financial services institutions for which she developed unique growth strategies.  She brings unique InsurTech expertise to these stakeholders enabling them to interpret the trends that affect their business.

She writes on the topics of InsurTech innovation and digital transformation to challenge current market practices and established views on value creation. She is an international keynote speaker at conferences and one of the three co-editors of the InsurTECH book, which will be published by Wiley in January 2018.

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