Exhibitor: Ascent

Compliance is a Risky Business

The process of manually identifying and updating regulatory obligations is costly and prone to errors. 

  • $243B in regulatory fines issued against banks since 2008 
  • 300M new regulations expected in the coming decade  

Reduce risk and avoid fines with Ascent. Visit our Exhibit Room to learn more.

Identify Your Unique Obligations with Ascent

Save hundreds of hours in manual regulatory research and analysis with Ascent. Powered by expert-certified AI, Ascent breaks down regulatory text line-by-line to deliver just the obligations that apply to your business and keeps them updated as rules change — all at a fraction of the time and effort.

Experience the Ascent Difference

Ascent can help your compliance team:

  • Filter out the regulatory white noise
  • 10x their productivity
  • Drastically lower your overall cost to comply

Contact us to learn more about our industry-recognized platform.

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