Exhibitor: BigID


BigID redefines data privacy and protection: helping organizations know their data for privacy, protection and perspective.

BigID uses advanced machine learning and data intelligence to help enterprises better manage and protect their customer & sensitive data, meet data privacy and protection regulations, and leverage unmatched coverage for all data across all data stores.

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Wednesday, September 23

  • 4:45pm – 5:25pm BST
    Panel Discussion: GDPR, Data Sharing and Data Privacy Controls in an AI World – Join

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Wednesday, September 22

  • 2:00pm – 2:15pm BST
  • 3:35pm – 3:50pm BST
  • 4:30pm – 4:45pm BST

Wednesday, September 23

  • 3:15pm – 3:35pm BST
  • 4:30pm – 4:45pm BST

Meet our presenter

Peggy Tsai

VP of Data Solutions, BigID

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