FreeStock, IHS Markit to deliver MiFID II investment research analytics


FeedStock, IHS Markit to deliver MiFID II investment research analytics

FeedStock has partnered with IHS Markit to deliver integrated MiFID II investment research analytics, evaluation, payments and inducement management solutions.

FeedStock, a provider of integrated interaction tracking and analytics software, has announced its collaboration with IHS Markit, a provider of critical information, analytics and solutions.

The collaboration claims to help reduce the ‘bureaucratic burden of compliance’ by automating many of the processes currently being done manually at the expense of productivity and at risk of being inaccurate, inconsistent and costly. Together, the pair said they will deliver a solution that satisfies the buy-side’s need to accurately track, evaluate and pay for research, while managing inducements and trials, as required by MiFID II.

Using AI and machine learning, FeedStock filters, tracks and classifies investment research-related activities across business applications and tools such as email, browsers, calendar and research platforms. IHS Markit feeds this data into their Evaluation and RPA Manager services, enabling clients to evaluate their research partners and budget and pay for research in a way that adheres to MiFID II requirements.

“We are excited to be working with FeedStock to help investment firms manage their research relationships more effectively and provide integrated tools to support compliance programs required by MiFID II,” said John Halloran, executive director at IHS Markit.

The second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive came into force earlier this year. Under the new rules, buy-side firms have to make explicit payments for research and demonstrate that their research contributions allow investors to make better investment decisions. It also requires them to provide better reporting to facilitate payments being made for research and demonstrate the value that research is providing to their services.

With offices in London and New York, FeedStock provides solutions for buy-side, sell-side, CRM automation and MiFID II compliance. It performs complex filtering and analytical functions to fulfil commercial and compliance requirements. The company automates time-consuming, non-revenue-generating tasks, such as logging the consumption of research for MiFID II, mapping productivity and inputting data into CRM systems.

Earlier this year, Cambridge Blockchain combined its distributed digital identity system with IHS Markit’s Know-your-customer (KYC) services. By combing IHS Markit’s services with Cambridge Blockchain’s distributed digital identity system, the pair claims they can resolve the competing challenges of transparency and privacy in the industry. This will result in faster customer onboarding, lower costs, and enhanced compliance through a single, trusted and consistent view of customer reference data.

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