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Mitek partners with BioMetric Signature ID for improved KYC

Mitek will provide its identity verification technology to BioMetric Signature ID (BSI) through a new partnership.

The deal will help to ensure gestural biometrics in BSI’s BioProof-ID solution will be assigned to the correct person.

Mobile Verify, Mitek’s identity solution being integrated with BSI, confirms identities digitally through the validating the authenticity of government issued identity documents which are presented in the onboarding stage.

This adds an additional security layer to its biometric face comparison algorithms, which automatically compares the portrait extracted from an identity document with a selfie.

Texas-based BIS develops multifactor authentication solutions which are used to protect banking transactions, healthcare records, among others, from cyber threats and fraudulent attacks.  The BioProof-ID solution authenticates the real-world identity of a person at the same time as they enrol and create a password.

Biometric Signature ID founder and CEO Jeff Maynard said, “Unlike other forms of authentication, BSI’s gesture-based biometrics solution allows users to verify their identity with unique markers that can’t be shared, hacked or replicated.

“By partnering with Mitek, we’re taking identity verification a step further by providing our customers with an extra level of security and trust, while ensuring BSI’s digital onboarding process remains simple, reliable and effective.”

Late last year, Mitek formed a similar partnership with Biocryptography, imbedding its technology to help ensure biometric credentials on Biocryptography is paired with the correct person.

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