Seamless hybrid experience

While some people are ready to come out from behind the screen, others are not able to. As such we have partnered with Brella, the most advanced matchmaking software, to ensure our global network can connect regardless of whether they are joining in-person or virtually.


1:1 Matchmaking

Brella’s AI-powered matchmaking connects participants according to interests and event goals, no matter if they attend virtually or live. This ensures you can meet the people and partners that can take your business to the next level.


Online & Offline Meetings

Personal meeting rooms offer attendees the flexibility to have a quality discussion from the event or their home. No unnecessary back and forth – booking a meeting takes 5 seconds and you can connect at the event, or online in your personal video meeting room all without leaving the platform.


High-level interactivity

Whether you are at the venue or joining from the comfort of your home, the Brella platform offers high level of engagement via livestreaming, Q&As, polls, live chat, breakout rooms and other tools to ensure delegates get the most of the event. 

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