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Sony Bank launches online banking service for English speaking customers in Japan

From: FinTech Global

Japanese Sony Bank has unveiled a new English-language online banking service to make it easier for foreigners to open and manage their accounts.

The news comes as there are over 2.82 million foreigners living in Japan as of June 2019. However, Sony Bank noticed that 60% of its foreign customers were dissatisfied with things such as complicated paperwork and procedures, the need for hanko seals, and a lack of language support.

When asked what they would from banks in Japan, foreign foreign residents wished for was the need for online banking and being able to conduct everyday banking transactions without having to visit the bank in person. These results reaffirmed that there is potential for Japanese banks to provide more user-friendly services aimed at foreign residents in Japan, with seamless English banking systems and support services.

That’s why Sony Bank decided ton launch the English smartphone app that uses cutting-edge OCR technolog to make the account opening process quick and easy, without the need for complicated paperwork.

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