Revolutionising wealth management: Introducing KidbrookeONE for unmatched financial analytics

Revolutionising wealth management: Introducing KidbrookeONE for unmatched financial analytics

Kidbrooke, which has built a unified analytics platform for investment and wealth management, has released its latest solution, KidbrookeONE. 

Initially, Kidbrooke made waves by crafting specialised market and insurance risk models for leading financial entities in the Nordics, significantly contributing to digitalisation efforts in the sector. By 2019, the company had taken a pivotal turn, evolving into a software firm with a keen focus on developing the OutRank financial simulation engine.

This shift towards an analytics-as-a-service model via a cloud-based, API-first solution was groundbreaking. OutRank amalgamated asset and liability management with Monte Carlo simulations, offering an interactive and futuristic approach to financial analytics. This not only set a new benchmark in financial planning across pensions, insurance, and investment sectors but also made intricate financial principles accessible to a broader audience through its clientele.

In response to the ever-evolving financial landscape, Kidbrooke has unveiled KidbrookeONE, a significant upgrade from the OutRank financial simulation engine.

This transition signifies a strategic pivot towards a Unified Investment and Wealth Analytics platform. KidbrookeONE emerges in direct response to the industry’s growing demands for effective data management, personalised digital wealth management experiences, and advanced ALM tools. This evolution is a testament to the ongoing need for financial institutions to augment their analytical prowess to stay competitive, address the dynamic needs of their clientele, and gear up for increasing regulatory requirements.

KidbrookeONE promises to be an essential asset through every phase of an organisation’s digital transformation journey. It builds on the robust foundation laid by OutRank, incorporating a wealth of new features designed to streamline the management of market and investment product data, while also enhancing wealth analytics capabilities with tools for portfolio analysis, performance calculation, and portfolio construction.

Central to KidbrookeONE’s appeal is its ability to offer unparalleled efficiency and consistency to the operations of investment and wealth managers through a unified data and analytics approach, integrating financial planning and asset management into a cohesive system.

The platform is particularly designed with investment and wealth managers in mind, prioritising consistent information, rapid and scalable performance, reduced time to market for new products, minimised model risk, and efficient implementation. KidbrookeONE distinguishes itself through its comprehensive suite of solutions, addressing data management, the modernisation of financial query responses, and the harmonisation of omni-channel business operations.

By introducing a three-tiered digital transformation framework, KidbrookeONE caters to asset management and financial planning sectors from the ground up. The framework starts with Data Management, enhancing data organisation and streamlining processes. It then progresses to modernising the approach to answering financial queries, ensuring consistency across wealth management, pension, and estate planning. The final stage, “Omni-Channel Business,” is where KidbrookeONE truly excels, guaranteeing uniform calculation methods across various sales channels and customer experiences, thus enriching financial planning capabilities across the board.

Kidbrooke is committed to shaping a future where informed financial decision-making is accessible to all, through the democratisation of sophisticated wealth analytics via KidbrookeONE.

This vision aligns with the company’s dedication to empowering financial institutions to deliver reliable and insightful financial guidance, ultimately fostering a more financially literate society.

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