Bridging the trust gap in FinTech: The rise of digital advice platforms

The EU Retail Investment Strategy has launched an exciting prospect for clients to be at the centre of the European Capital Markets Union, bringing forth the dawn of the digital advice era. This innovation stands to democratise financial advice, making it accessible to a wider audience while recognising the human emotions associated with investing.

WealthTech company everyoneINVESTED recently explored how digitalisation and personalisation within wealth management is helping to democratise investing.

Digital advice platforms are poised to revolutionise investing, facilitating more informed decision-making for investors across all income brackets. Utilising sophisticated algorithms, these platforms can deliver bespoke investment advice tailored to each client’s unique circumstances and investment objectives.

Trust is a vital factor when navigating the world of investing, it said. Some investors might still feel more comfortable with human advisers, having reservations towards algorithm-based recommendations. To conquer this trust barrier, digital advice platforms need to ensure their algorithms are not only transparent, but also understandable and reliable. With consistency in performance and principles, these platforms can foster lasting client relationships.

It’s important to understand that investing is not just a financial decision, but an emotional one too. Therefore, digital advice platforms must factor in individual emotions alongside financial considerations. By using behavioural profiling, these platforms can better understand each client’s risk tolerance, investment goals, and other influencers that might shape their investment decisions, ultimately enhancing investor conversion.

While the influence of technology in retail investing grows, the human element cannot be entirely overlooked. A balanced blend of cutting-edge technology and human expertise can cater to those investors who still desire a personal touch. Human advisers can supplement the algorithm-driven processes, offering additional guidance and reassurance. Behavioural profiling can also help advisers by providing insights into their clients’ behaviours and potential reactions to market fluctuations.

In conclusion, digital advice platforms, by offering personalised recommendations, acknowledging the emotional aspects of investing, leveraging sophisticated algorithms, and demonstrating transparency, are set to transform the landscape of retail investing. The future is ripe with opportunities to reshape this space as trust builds and technology continues to evolve. It’s truly an exciting time for everyone to get invested, everyoneINVESTED said.

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