CyberTech 100

The world’s most innovative CyberTech companies that every financial institution needs to know about in 2023

About the list

The CyberTech100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative CyberTech companies. These are the companies every financial institution needs to know about as they consider and develop their information security and risk management strategies.

The previous CyberTech100 lists received widespread attention. Companies that won places on the list generated huge awareness among financial services organisations and the wider cybersecurity community. Many were approached directly by financial institutions while others got a warmer reception from prospective clients and partners.

The list has been updated for 2023 to recognise the next-generation of solution providers shaping the future of the cybersecurity industry. The list aims to help senior executives and cybersecurity professionals identify which technology solutions have market potential and should be part of their integrated cybersecurity risk management strategy.

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A range of factors was considered by the Advisory Board and RegTech Analyst team to make the final selection including:

  • Industry significance of the problem being solved;
  • Growth, in terms of capital raised, revenue, customer traction;
  • Innovation of technology solution offered;
  • Potential cost savings, efficiency improvement, impact on the value chain and/or revenue enhancements generated for clients; and
  • How important is it for a financial institutions to know about the company.

CyberTech News & Research


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