AI chatbot integration unveiled by Themis to combat financial crime


Themis, a financial crime leader, has recently introduced an innovative, AI-powered chatbot for its AML/KYC platform.

Financial crime poses a significant threat to global economies, laundering over a trillion dollars annually to support criminal and terrorist activities. This underscores the critical need for effective solutions in this ever-evolving battle.

The reason for this new product stems from the urgent requirement to adapt to the growing sophistication of financial crimes, especially with criminals leveraging artificial intelligence to develop new frauds and escalate their operations. Themis’s response with an AI chatbot integration is a testament to their commitment to harnessing the power of AI to offer more dynamic and effective tools in the fight against financial crime.

Themis has long been at the forefront of incorporating artificial intelligence into financial crime prevention. Their AML/KYC platform is the culmination of deep expertise in financial crime coupled with significant investment in AI technology. This platform demonstrates Themis’s dedication to developing comprehensive, continuously improving anti-financial crime software that addresses the challenges of today’s digital age.

The newly introduced AI chatbot is designed to provide instant assistance and personalised support to users, thereby enhancing the usability and accessibility of Themis’s financial crime platform. This integration represents a significant stride towards making high-quality anti-financial crime solutions more accessible and effective for a wide range of users, from law enforcement bodies to businesses navigating anti-money laundering regulations.

Key features of the Themis chatbot include 24/7 availability, instant responses through advanced natural language processing, personalised support via machine learning, and connections to real experts for in-depth inquiries. Additionally, it integrates Themis Insight, offering users access to world-leading research on financial crime threats and best practices.

Themis CEO Dickon Johnstone expressed enthusiasm about the new chatbot, highlighting it as a part of Themis’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction: “In the complex world of financial crime, we are deliberately, disruptively, different. We are excited to introduce conversational AI into our award-winning digital financial crime platform as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to elevate the customer experience to new heights and set a new standard for excellence in our industry.”

Lizzie Stewart, Themis Head of Customer Success, also underscored the company’s customer-centric approach: “Our chatbot integration underscores Themis’s dedication to being a customer-centric, expert-led organisation. We recognise that the market needs not just a technological solution for compliance, but an anti-financial crime partner.”

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