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Alleged JPMorgan hacker to plead guilty of stealing 80 million customers’ financial data

Andrei Tyurin is expected to plead guilty later in September to the allegations of having hacked JP Morgan Chase & Co in a hack that netted hundreds of millions of dollars.

That’s according to a court filing seen by Bloomberg. The documents suggest that Tyurin has struck an agreement with federal prosecutors in New York to resolve the charges against him. He is set to appear in plea hearing next week.

The hack occurred in 2015 and affected 80 million JP Morgan Chase customers. At the time, authorities believed the scale of the attack suggested it was part a state-sponsored initiative. However, they soon realized it was part of a vast criminal network.

The money were reportedly used to fund other schemes, including stock manipulation, online gambling and money laundering.

Several of the people behind the cyber attack have been apprehended in the past, including the ringleader Gery Shalon who was arrested in 2015 in Tel Aviv and subsequently extradited to the US.

Tyurin remained at large until apprehended and extradited from the Republic of Georgia in 2018.


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