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Mastercard unveils Cyber Secure

From: FinTech Global

Cyber Secure is Mastercard’s new AI-powered suite of tools enabling banks to assess cyber risk across their ecosystem and prevent potential breaches.

The idea is that Cyber Secure is that banks will enable banks to better identify and prioritise threats and vulnerabilities throughout their cyber environment.

Additionally, acquiring banks can help merchants understand their own cyber risk, preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in potential fraud.

“The world today faces a $5.2trn cyber breach problem,” said Ajay Bhalla, president of cyber and intelligence at Mastercard. This is one of the biggest threats to consumer trust. At Mastercard, we aim to stay ahead of fraudsters and to continually evolve and enhance our protection of cyber environments for our bank and merchant customers. With Cyber Secure, we have a suite of AI-powered cyber capabilities that allows us to do just that, ensuring trust across every experience, for businesses and consumers.”

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