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Mimecast and Theta Lake has strengthened their partnership to help businesses with their compliance

Compliance technology startup Theta Lake has strengthened its partnership with cybersecurity firm Mimecast to help organisations streamline governance efforts as more companies embrace remote working.

Covid-19 has made working from home the new normal for millions of people around the globe. However, with the rise of remote working the danger of falling foul of compliance obligations has increased too.

That is what Theta Lake and Mimecast aim to minimise by identifying and collecting relevant data including e-mail, instant messages and rich communication types like video, audio and collaboration data with an integrated archive approach.

This includes full capture, retention, and automated risk identification for anything shared, shown, spoken or typed in Zoom Phone, Zoom Meetings, Zoom Chat, WebEx Teams, WebEx Meetings, Slack, RingCentral Office, Microsoft Teams , BlueJeans, and many more.

The partnership is said to be able to integrate archive data into a unified environment that can bring significant benefits, including ease and speed of search, simpler compliance and risk reduction, and cost minimization.

Combining Theta Lake and Mimecast Cloud Archive delivers a scalable, easy to use solution capable of addressing a wide array of business challenges including e-discovery, compliance supervision, privacy requirements and regulatory compliance.

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