Strategic insights for mastering 2024’s regulatory landscape

FinTech Global recently spoke to RegTech firm Alessa to take a deeper dive into the regulatory landscape of 2024 and the strategic insights that financial firms can take away from it.

Ontario-headquartered Alessa provides e a complete compliance program on one integrated, modular platform to help compliance teams meet, or exceed, regulatory requirements and stop financial crime before it impacts their business.

During this interview, FinTech Global and Alessa discussed:

  • The strategies companies are adopting to enhance their compliance frameworks and mitigate risks associated with regulatory changes
  • How firms are integrating ethics and integrity into their compliance programs
  • How the compliance industry leverages advanced and data analytics to enhance its processes
  • The role AI and automation has had on compliance
  • How Alessa is working on the front lines supporting teams doing AML work


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