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WealthTech’s new horizon: Catering to the Millennial and Gen Z investment...

The financial domain is on the brink of a transformative era, driven by the digital-first mindset of Millennials and Gen Z. These generations are not just reshaping the investment landscape with their tech-savviness and social awareness, but they're also the catalysts for the dynamic evolution of WealthTech. This sector is now keenly focused on tailoring its offerings to meet the unique preferences of these emergent financial powerhouses.

Einblick joins Databricks: Revolutionizing data intelligence with AI-driven platforms

Databricks, a leader in big data analytics and artificial intelligence, has officially welcomed Einblick, a trailblazing startup known for its innovative AI-native collaboration platform.

Micronotes raises $7.5m in series C funding round

Micronotes has announced it has managed to secure a $2m extension to its series C funding round, which now totals $7.5m.

Quantexa collects $20m in Dawn Capital-led round

Quantexa, a company leveraging big data analytics to tackle complex financial crime, has raised $20m in Series B funding.

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