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Unlocking the potential of carbon accounting for CSRD compliance

Environmental concerns are increasingly pivotal, leading businesses globally to focus on carbon emissions accounting. The CSRD's recent standards mandate more rigorous, transparent carbon accounting practices. ESG FinTech company Greenomy recently delved into carbon accounting's essence and its connection with ESRS requirements. It also highlighted traditional carbon accounting challenges and how companies can align with these new standards.

Carbon credits get a bond-style rating proposal from activist investor

Kimmeridge Energy's activist investor, Ben Dell, has put forward a proposal to rate carbon credits in a manner similar to bonds.

FinTech Tide eliminates all of its carbon emissions in industry-first

Digital business financial platform Tide has become the first FinTech to remove 100% of its emissions with durable carbon removal.

UK finance sector ninth biggest CO2 emitter in the world, report...

A Greenpeace-led report has found UK banks and assets managers were responsible for 805m tonnes of CO2 in 2019 – making it the ninth largest carbon emitter worldwide.

Mastercard invests in Doconomy to help consumers see CO2 impact their...

Mastercard has made an undisclosed equity investment into Doconomy, a startup helping consumers become more aware of their CO2 impact when making payments.

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