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Are smaller startups ready for big tech entering the FinTech space?

Big tech firms already control what people watch, buy and find online. Now, some of them are trying the waters of FinTech.

Quantum cryptography market expected to be worth $214m in 2025

Quantum technology is going to bring in a whole new level of cybersecurity threats and opportunities, which is why the market is expected grow tremendously in the next five years.

Symphonic’s founder says watching the door is no longer enough when...

Symphonic Software has gone from being a cybersecurity research project to offering a contextualised data user experience to massive banks and governments around the world.

Traditional security awareness is not enough to battle online cybersecurity threats

The world is focused on battling online threats with new technology. However, good defence requires not only teaching employees to be more aware of their online behaviours, “but actually driving them to change their online behaviours to be more secure,” according to Mike Butler, co-founder and CTO of Think Cyber Security.

How Cobwebs is stopping the game of whack-a-mole in the fight...

Money laundering in global financial markets is like “whack-a-mole”, when you stop one scheme, another just pops up, according to Daniel Nisman, the head of financial sector solutions at web intelligence company Cobwebs.

FinTech Global unveils CyberTech100 list recognising the top tech companies providing...

The cyber threat facing financial firms is growing by the day, but FinTech Gobal has revealed the 100 cybersecurity companies from around the world that are leading the charge against bad actors and digital threats.

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