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How loss control risk management can become the next big opportunity...

Comprehensive management of new and emerging risks is vital for any company aiming to ensure compliance and maintain a strong financial position. For insurance companies, however, it becomes doubly crucial as risk is the very basis of their value, and product, this is why solutions such as loss control could become the next big opportunity for insurers.

Unlocking profitability: The journey of loss control maturity and its pivotal...

The Loss Control Maturity Model has transformed the way companies think about their processes, particularly with the introduction of FinTech solutions. Risk Control Technologies has garnered insights from over 150 customers. It has found that the majority of loss control departments could have benefitted from a software platform much earlier than they realised. The primary challenge? Many didn't know where or how to initiate the journey.

How Shelter Insurance saved $3.3m and 12,000 hours: The power of...

For over ten years, Shelter Insurance® has utilised RCT's groundbreaking software. This partnership traces back to 2007, when Shelter sought RCT's expertise to tackle efficiency and consistency hurdles tied to their vast field surveys.

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