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Kicking out corruption: EU’s AML measures target soccer’s billions

The EU is stepping up its game against money laundering and CTF, extending its regulatory net to include the high-stakes world of professional soccer.

Ensuring online safety and fairness: The impact of the European Digital...

In a recent post by Moody's Analytics, the firm outlined the five obligations firms have relating to the Digital Services Act.

Could 2024 be a big year for tokenisation within wealth management?

It has been a few years since the digital asset hype took the world by storm and has since fallen to the background. Despite this, the asset type is still popular, and could see more market adoption in 2024.

UK tops global list for shell company risks, new Moody’s Analytics...

The United Kingdom has emerged as the global hotspot for shell company risks, according to the latest interactive research unveiled by Moody’s Analytics.

Moody’s: UK tops global rankings for shell company risk

Moody's Analytics recently unveiled a concerning insight, with the UK emerging as the global hotspot for shell company-related risks.

How regulations are fuelling the battle against modern slavery

In recent years, the international community has intensified its efforts against the scourge of modern slavery.

Navigating the complexities of adverse media screening in AML efforts

In a recent post by Moody's Analytics, the company explained how firms can uncover hidden risks with adverse media screening.

Enhancing AML processes with advanced adverse media screening

Moody's Analytics recently engaged in further examination of the hidden risks of advanced adverse media screening.

The role of regulation for AI as it changes risk and...

Moody's Analytics recently dug deeper into the role AI regulation will play as the technology changes risk and compliance. 

Multiverse Computing and Moody’s Analytics introduce the QFStudio quantum platform

Multiverse Computing, a trailblazer in value-based quantum computing solutions, and Moody's Analytics, renowned for its comprehensive risk assessment services, have joined forces. The partnership's cornerstone...

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