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Tag: Ransomware

‘Shooting war’ with a major power could break out over cyberattacks,...

President Joe Biden has claimed the US is more likely to end up in a ‘real shooting war with a major power’ due to cybercrime than any other form of conflict.

Kapalya receives grant for its encryption management solution

Kapalya, an encryption management platform, has received a $256,000 grant from the US’ National Science Foundation (NSF).

US launches inter-agency task force to tackle ransomware wave

The US government has introduced a new interagency task force aimed at combating the increasing challenge of ransomware on the United States.

REvil ransomware group sites go dark following string of attacks

The Russian-speaking REvil ransomware gang has seen its sites go dark, a few days after it claimed responsibility for the massive cyberattack of US IT provider Kaseya.

Interpol calls for police, industry unity against possible ‘ransomware pandemic’

Interpol has urged police agencies and industry partners to unite to prevent a possible ransomware pandemic from taking hold.

Kaseya hit by one of the largest cyberattacks in history with...

US IT provider Kaseya has become the latest in a growing line of organisations to suffer a cyberattack at the hands of the REvil ransomware group.

Honeywell report finds external malware is rising challenge for industrial firms

Honeywell has found the number of cyber threats that use USB sticks and other external media devices as a launch point has doubled during 2021.

Why greater efficiency will help insurance firms better handle cyber threats

Cyber risk is showing no signs of stopping and the reliance on cloud-based systems makes potential ripple effects vast. It is crucial for the global insurance industry to efficiently measure cyber risk.

JBS Foods pays multimillion ransom to end global ransomware cyberattack

Food processing company JBS Foods has confirmed it has paid an $11m million ransom payment to end a ransomware cyberattack on its global operations.

How can we remain cybersecure in the age of mass online...

As the number of people using services online has ballooned over the last year due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the threat posed by cybercriminals around the world has grown even stronger. How can companies and governments alike deal with this coming storm?

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