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FTC orders MoneyGram to return $115m to scammed consumers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered MoneyGram to return $115m in refunds to consumers who were frauded by scammers using their payment system.

New Twitter scam is stealing cryptocurrency

A new spam campaign is spreading across Twitter and is stealing cryptocurrency of affected users.

Fraud fears are up with nearly 60% of consumers

Over half 59% of consumers are more concerned about becoming a victim of fraud now compared to how they felt in 2021, according to a report from Paysafe.

FBI warns people of criminal QR code payment scams

The FBI has issued a warning against malicious quick response (QR) code, with cyber criminals tampering with them to redirect victims to malicious websites that steal login and financial information.

Scammers are stealing $80m per month through fake giveaways and surveys

A report by Group-IB has found threat actors are making $80m a month by impersonating known brands asking people to participate in phoney surveys and giveaways.

270 service deposit addresses drive more than half of cryptocurrency money...

More than half of the world's cryptocurrency money laundering is made through 270 service deposit addresses, according to new research.

Scammers stole over £30m from UK pension savers and football fans...

Regulators warn that pension savers have lost over £30m to scammers as people know more about football than about their own lifetime savings.

Impersonation and catfish scams are on the rise Barclays warns

The Covid-19 lockdown has encouraged scammers to take up their efforts a notch, according to Barclays.

FCA warns of fake register page

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, not even the UK's financial markets watchdog has been immune to the growing number scams sweeping across the world in the wake of the pandemic.

New coronavirus-related phone scam revealed

After several cybersecurity companies and government bodies have warned that the spread of the coronavirus has increased the number of cybsersecurity threats, criminals have now started to use phones in their scams.

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