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Japan cracks down on social media scams with enhanced ad screening...

The Japanese government, led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, has resolved to combat the escalating issue of fraudulent advertisements on social media.

Commonwealth Bank and Vodafone unite to tackle rising SMS scams

Commonwealth Bank has embarked on a partnership with Vodafone which aims to bolster defenses against the threat of SMS scams.

Australian banks forge unprecedented alliance in $100m Scam-Safe Accord

Australian banks have collectively launched the Scam-Safe Accord, marking a significant step in the battle against financial scams.

Singapore banks’ enhanced security nets $57.6m in scam prevention

The ABS has declared the advanced security measures taken by significant retail banks in Singapore are proving effective against scams.

Revolut ramps up anti-fraud efforts with doubled financial crime team

Revolut, a global financial superapp serving over 35 million customers, has significantly expanded its Financial Crime (FinCrime) division, doubling the headcount since 2021.

New Zealand banks establish Anti-Scam centre to safeguard customers

The New Zealand Banking Association has unveiled new measures to amplify their fight against financial scams.

CBA takes a stand against cryptocurrency scams

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, the risk of scams targeting investors has grown. In response, Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has launched new safety measures aimed at safeguarding its customers. The bank will now impose restrictions, delays, and limits on certain payments to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Security firm Shield picks up $2.1m in pre-seed funding

Shield, a security company focused on protecting users from online scams, has landed $2.1m in a pre-seed investment raise.

Payments Systems Regulator unveils plans for APP scams

The PSR has published a consultation on guidance to support PSPs providing correct data when they report authorised push payment scams to regulators.

ACMA introduces new rules to tackle SMS scams

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has registered new rules to require telecos to identify, trace and block SMS scams.

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