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How Scanbot SDK can improve the ticket scanning process on public...

In the not-so-distant past, navigating through the bustle of public transport meant holding onto a paper ticket. However, the concept has swiftly become a relic of a bygone era. The transition from traditional paper tickets to e-tickets has resulted in more convenience and efficiency. Apart from reducing the environmental impact, this shift has streamlined the ticketing process, offering passengers instant access through their smartphones or other digital devices, as Scanbot SDK explains.

How Scanbot SDK aids input management in healthcare and insurance

Input management, a critical component in various industries including healthcare and insurance, is evolving.

The future of Finance: Emerging trends in FinTech solutions

Scanbot SDK recently dug deeper into just exactly how FinTech solutions are impacting and changing mobile payments and more. 

Choosing the best development route: From native to cross-platform

Mobile app development has evolved significantly since the advent of smartphones in the late 2000s. Initially, developers had two main approaches to consider: native and hybrid development. Native apps were built using the platforms' specific programming languages, while hybrid apps were web applications housed within a sandbox browser.

The Tipping Point: How Digital Capacity Impacts Insurance Loyalty

In today's insurance landscape, customers eagerly anticipate all services to be available digitally without delay. Gone are the days when tedious paper-based protocols were...

Unlocking the future: How QR code authentication boosts security

Scanbot recently took the opportunity to dig deeper into the topic of QR code authentication and its role in security. 

Scanbot introduces .NET MAUI SDK to elevate cross-platform app development

Scanbot, a global provider of data capture solutions that automate and streamline business processes, has launched a new solution. 

Transforming data capture: The rise of smartphones in real-time data collection

The future of data capture and analysis may just be sitting in your pocket. The ubiquity and constant advancement of smartphones have seen these devices transcend their primary communication functions, emerging as effective data collection tools.

How to successfully implement a digital transformation

As the insurance industry experiences a pivotal shift towards digitalisation, InsurTech leaders emphasise the importance of digital transformation not only to meet evolving customer expectations but also to enhance operational efficiency and foster innovation.

Christoph Wagner on Scanbot SDK: Transforming smartphones into potent enterprise tools

Over the years, Scanbot SDK has matured into a transformative tool that turns smartphones into cutting-edge multi-tools, driving the success of enterprises across the...

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