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Tech organisations call on Congress to prioritise blockchain privacy regulation

More than 28 tech organisations that develop open-source projects have called on Congress to protect consumer privacy when regulating the blockchain space.

NSA director calls on Congress to renew intel licenses in light...

National Security Agency (NSA) director Paul Nakasone has said that intelligence authorities up for renewal this year have played a key role in the fight against cyberattacks.

The regulations to keep an eye on in 2023

As we slowly make our way into the New Year, 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for the introduction of new...

NSA veteran Chris Inglis resigns as US national cyber director

Chris Inglis, a 30-year veteran of the National Security Agency, has stepped down as the US’ national director.

Privacy concerns could lead US to ban TikTok from government devices

A spending bill unveiled by the US Congress could ban TikTok from most US government devices, Security Week has detailed.

TikTok slapped with two US lawsuits over security and child safety

Social media network TikTok has been hit by two lawsuits from the US state of Indiana, accusing the app of making false claims around its safety for children.  

US plans to rachet up regulation on non-banks

Regulators at the US Treasury have revealed they are planning to step up regulation on non-banks.

US cyber departments issue software supply chain security guidance

Three US cyber-focused departments have this week released the last part of a three-part joint guidance of securing the software supply chain.

Ransomware attacks costs US financial institutions over $1bn in 2021

A report by the US Treasury has found US financial institutions experienced nearly $1.2bn in costs associated with ransomware attacks in 2021.

White House unveils 100-day cyber sprint for chemical industry

The chemical sector is set to take up the 100-day cyber sprint proposed by President Biden to sharpen the industry’s focus on the topic.

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