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Frontrunning protection in DeFi: The power of private mempools and Flashbots

It is easy for Ethereum and other smart contract network users to be overcome with excitement for the opportunities the technology provides that they are not aware how risky trading on-chain can be. OMNIA, a blockchain infrastructure provider to protect systems, has explored the risk of frontrunning. 

Crypto financial risk management solutions dev Gauntlet gets grant

Gauntlet, a crypto-native financial risk management solutions provider, has launched a new research division and received a grant from the Uniswap Foundation.

New FinTech unicorns announcements stay rare going into Q4 2022

• FinTech unicorn announcements remain low in October 2022 with three announcements in total, an 83% drop from May’s peak of 17. It is...

Decentralised crypto protocol Uniswap raises $165m

Uniswap, which has built a decentralised crypto trading protocol, has $165m in its Series B funding round.

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