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International Women’s Day: 7 FinTech companies with women founders

In celebration of International Women’s Day, FinTech Global is shining a spotlight on seven FinTech companies with woman founders.

IWD 2024: What are the biggest challenges for women in FinTech?

On International Womens Day 2024, FinTech Global spoke to several key industry players in the FinTech space.

Bridging the wealth gap: A new era of financial equality

The gender pay gap attracts a lot of attention and people around the world are fighting to fix the issue and ensure equality. However, the gender wealth gap is just as important but does not get the same level of publicity.

Female leaders call for regulation to combat gender pay gap

UK FinTech female leaders have called for regulation to help narrow the gender pay gap and encourage stronger female progression in the sector.

What are the most pressing issues for women in FinTech?

Whilst the FinTech sector is making leaps and bounds when it comes to improving diversity and inclusion, there are still a number of challenges for women in the industry.

The FinTech gender gap: how clear gender disparities in the industry...

A study by Findexable and has found that only 1.5% of over a 1000 FinTech companies are founded solely by women and receive just 1% of total venture funding.

The coronavirus has had a positive impact on women working in...

The coronavirus pandemic has helped companies grow cybersecurity teams and has positively impacted the careers of women, a new report from Tessian claims.

11 women changing the US RegTech industry you need to know...

The US is spearheading the RegTech revolution. So why not find out more about the women leading the charge?

Face it, women are better at cybersecurity than men

Guys may be dominating the tech scene, but it seems like the ladies have a better grasp of how to up their digital defences.

17 powerful women in InsurTech that you must know about right...

Technology is changing the insurance industry. In many cases, women are leading the charge.

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