UK regions are attracting more early-stage FinTech investments

London still attracts over 82% of FinTech investment capital but a closer look at the data shows that other parts of the UK are making progress.

We had a closer look at the numbers and found that early-stage investments actually increased over the last three years.

Overall UK FinTech investments dropped by just over 15% last year

Investments in private UK FinTech companies dropped 15.4% last year from £1,113m in 2015 to £941m in 2016. Although this is a decrease over one year, the figure should be compared to the total of £622m in 2014, which shows that 2016 was still, relatively, a very strong year for UK FinTech.

FinTech investments London vs uk 100%

Early-stage FinTech investments in the regions doubled over three years

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