Scanbot SDK’s transformative journey: A 2023 year in review

Scanbot SDK's transformative journey: A 2023 year in review

This year has been a milestone for Scanbot SDK, showcasing significant advancements and positive changes that have benefitted both its customers and the company.

Reflecting on 2023, Scanbot SDK has taken a look back at the year and the new products it launched.

Starting in 2011, Scanbot SDK has been at the forefront of document management innovation. It serves industry leaders like DocuSign, Deutsche Bahn, and Deutsche Telekom.

Recent growth led to a brand evolution in 2023, featuring a new design system that aims to mirror its commitment to enterprise solutions, fast and user-friendly software.

Product Releases

In 2023, Scanbot SDK enhanced its SDK solutions, improving speed, accuracy, and features, and introduced new ones for .NET MAUI and Capacitor. A highlight was its Linux Barcode Scanner SDK, now in closed beta, which broadens Scanbot SDK’s reach to servers and embedded systems, like drones for warehouse inventory management.

The .NET MAUI framework, a step up from Xamarin.Forms, offers better performance and productivity. Although Xamarin will be phased out by May 2024, Scanbot SDK said it is committed to supporting it until then.

For mobile platform development, Capacitor has emerged as a strong alternative to Cordova. Our Capacitor SDKs leverage Ionic’s capabilities, offering specialized solutions like the Capacitor Document and Data Capture SDKs.

Notable Success Stories

Among our success stories this year, ETE REMAN, a leading US transmission remanufacturer, adopted the VIN scanner, simplifying price and delivery inquiries for B2B customers. The Luke Commission, providing healthcare in Eswatini, integrated our Barcode Scanner SDK into their apps, cutting data entry time by 75%. In Germany, WEISSER RING utilized our Document Scanner SDK for efficient and secure document transfers, aiding crime victims.

Resource Highlights

Scanbot SDK has also added numerous resources this year. The “State of Multichannel Retail 2023” report offers insights into U.S. consumer preferences in retail. Its content on “Air Travel” explores how mobile scanning apps can streamline airport operations. And the concept of “New Retail” provides a fresh perspective on enhancing customer shopping experiences.

Looking ahead to 2024, Scanbot SDK said it was excited to bring more advancements, including improved Machine Learning-based detections and a new OCR engine. It also thanked its customers for their trust and feedback, which drives its continuous improvement.

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