How digital onboarding in corporate pensions boosts employee engagement and efficiency

How digital onboarding in corporate pensions boosts employee engagement and efficiency

While occupational pension coverage has been widespread in the Western world for decades, comprehension among employees about the benefits remains low.

A striking figure from a recent Harvard Business Review article shows that 41.4% of US employees cashed out their pensions when switching jobs, with 85% depleting their funds completely. As the demands for quality employee benefits increase, it is clear that the responsibility does not lie solely with employers. The financial sector must take proactive steps to help workers understand and manage their retirement planning more effectively.

Kidbrooke, an outcome-driven analytics and data management platform for financial decision making within investment and wealth management, recently delved into why digitally empowered onboarding is vital for corporate retirement planning. 

The recent turbulence in the pension sector, marked by a significant 12.9% drop in the assets of the world’s top 300 pension funds to $20.6tn, underscores the need for strategic adaptation. Thinking Ahead Institute director Jessica Gao reflected on the global economic challenges that have affected pension funds, stating, “…In last year’s research, we anticipated rising inflation and interest rate pressures, as well as the potential for slowing growth the following year. With the latest data, we have witnessed a drop in pension assets, with a fragile global economy seeing equity and bond markets reverse previous gains.” This environment makes a compelling case for integrating cutting-edge technological solutions to enhance customer service and reach underserved segments.

The convergence of digital and physical advisory services is shaping the future of financial advice, Kidbrooke said. While purely digital retirement planning tools can seem daunting due to their complexity, combining them with traditional advisor-led methods provides a balanced approach. This hybrid model not only streamlines operations but also retains the indispensable personal touch, crucial for managing the complexities involved in pension planning. The initial digital interaction between employees and pension advisors, which often involves scheduling via email, is now enhanced by technological solutions that prepare employees better for subsequent face-to-face meetings.

Implementing web-based educational tools can dramatically improve how financial institutions engage with employees, enabling them to take command of their financial futures. These personalised digital onboarding processes not only bolster confidence among employees but also enhance their decision-making capacity, which can significantly increase conversion rates and, subsequently, the management of larger asset volumes.

A sophisticated hybrid approach not only streamlines the fact-finding aspect of pension planning but also amplifies overall operational efficiency. Tools like KidbrookeONE facilitate ongoing evaluation of financial conditions and proactive engagement through automated updates and alerts, reducing the time advisors spend on administrative tasks.

Traditionally, the corporate pensions industry has not focused intensively on employee engagement. However, as corporate social responsibility norms evolve, there is a stronger incentive for businesses to provide superior pension planning experiences. A strategic blend of digital and physical service channels can significantly enhance client relationships with both employees and employers, fostering a stable and satisfied workforce less likely to switch pension providers.

Improved Onboarding for Corporate Pensions: Estimated Impact

The integration of unified financial analytics within hybrid pension experiences supports a robust framework for employee engagement in corporate retirement planning. By equipping employees with the necessary tools to understand their pensions better, financial advisors are well-placed to address any concerns effectively, thus ensuring that employees are well-prepared for a financially secure retirement.

KidbrookeONE exemplifies how leveraging advanced analytics and data management can simplify the retirement planning process, making it both efficient and impactful. For instance, if pre-meeting engagement leads to 10% of employees being more informed, this could potentially increase managed assets by 2% and reduce the time spent in advisory sessions by 5%.

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