How AI-backed dynamic pricing is transforming insurance sales

In a constantly evolving landscape, insurance businesses grapple with macroeconomic trends impacting profitability and sustainability. From shifts in claims costs driven by inflation to the escalating risks posed by climate change, insurers face multifaceted challenges. State Farm and Allstate’s retreat from California’s home insurance market due to wildfire risks underscores the severity of these challenges.

“Changes in claims costs due to inflation (cars, property, medical services, etc.) plus overall inflation rates in the economy,” and the fluctuating investment income further compound the complexities. As Vlad Popovic, Solutions Advisor at Symfa, highlights, “These challenges may influence your business profitability.”

In response, the adoption of AI-backed dynamic pricing emerges as a transformative strategy. Such technology offers insurers a competitive edge by enhancing sales, increasing profitability, and mitigating risks.

It’s a great time to have your own AI-based dynamic pricing software

Symfa’s involvement in an AI-based dynamic pricing solution for a major international insurance company signals a pivotal moment. With potential to liberate up to 30% of underwriters’ capacity, the solution streamlines policy comparisons and generates custom quotes within profitability constraints.

Dynamic pricing software, akin to a super-smart assistant, utilises AI to analyse data and determine optimal policy prices in real-time. Benefits include improved profitability, competitive rates, and enhanced efficiency in underwriting processes.

While existing solutions like Earnix and Akur8 provide references, the market remains ripe for innovation. Developing exclusive products tailored to individual company data presents a unique opportunity for competitive advantage.

The challenges

Critical considerations, from data collection methods to pricing strategy selection, shape the path to successful implementation. Understanding business objectives and market dynamics informs decision-making throughout the development process.

Navigating data requirements, model biases, and infrastructure needs further underscores the complexity of AI implementation. Overcoming these challenges requires meticulous planning and continuous refinement.

A phased approach, encompassing data analysis, model training, MVP development, and scalability, can be the way forward on the journey towards dynamic pricing excellence.

As the insurance industry embraces AI-driven innovations, dynamic pricing emerges as a cornerstone of future growth. From optimising profitability to enhancing customer value, AI technologies promise to reshape insurance pricing strategies and business performance assessment.

Read the full blog from Symfa here.

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