Unveiling IRIS Workspace: SymphonyAI’s no-code solution for industrial teams

Unveiling IRIS Workspace: SymphonyAI's no-code solution for industrial teams

SymphonyAI, a pioneer in predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS, recently unveiled the IRIS Workspace, a no-code application designed for industrial knowledge workers.

This innovative platform facilitates a live collaboration environment, allowing teams to integrate various data forms—including time-series, P&IDs, documents, drawings, and images—into a single workspace for efficient and real-time problem solving. By leveraging IRIS Foundry’s AI-driven, composable industrial dataops platform, IRIS Workspace offers a seamless and unified data experience.

The platform not only enables teams to work collaboratively in real time but also allows for extensive interactions with data through features such as notes, comments, user notifications, and a sophisticated annotation toolbar. Moreover, IRIS Workspace is equipped with governance tools that support version tracking and data and user audits, ensuring robust management and oversight of collaborative processes.

Research underscores the significant impact of collaboration on industrial productivity, suggesting a potential increase of up to 25%. By reducing the time required to access pertinent information by 83%, IRIS Workspace notably speeds up problem-solving processes. In an industry where manual analysis often prevails, and data sources remain isolated, the cognitive and contextualized data accessed via IRIS Workspace can substantially enhance process improvement, asset utilization, and quality control.

The platform supports a wide range of users, from plant managers and data scientists to executives and other industrial knowledge workers. These professionals can utilize the infinitely scalable IRIS Workspace to develop interactive data analysis boards for continuous sharing and iterative improvements with operators and other stakeholders. The integration of generative AI further enriches this environment, providing tools for data aggregation, summarization, and contextual analysis, which facilitates quicker and more informed decision-making.

Prateek Kathpal, president of SymphonyAI’s industrial division, commented on the development, noting, “With IRIS Foundry, we took bold strides to profoundly and meaningfully simplify our customers’ operational transformation with predictive and generative AI at scale.

“IRIS Workspace delivers the power of a unified data platform to users’ fingertips for real-time, interactive collaboration that significantly increases productive teamwork, supports informed decision-making through data visualization, and captures breakthrough outcomes to rapidly remediate or even prevent future problems.”

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