September 13, 2022
In a period when tensions are heating up globally, the threats of war are becoming clearer, with a potential cyberwar still highly likely. In a cyberwar that is supported and, to an extent, headed by governments – would banks be safe?  According to Dave Harvey – head of Cybersecurity, UK for FTI Consulting – banks...
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The threat from cybercrime has never been greater. As a result, corporations and governments are increasingly turning to hackers i.e. white hats for help with the promise of cash rewards known as bug bounties. And experts suggest that it’s the best way to boost cybersecurity. Google the word ‘hacker’ and most images seen on the...
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Most companies lack the tools and mitigation plans to handle imminent attacks, Kocho helps them fix this. In March 2021, TiG, a UK-based cloud, data analytics and managed services provider, acquired ThirdSpace, a specialist identity and cybersecurity solution provider. Together they offer an advanced digital managed services platform with security at its core. One year later, they...
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