In the mid 2000s, after realising no technologies were at the time available on the market that replicated cyber-attack techniques used by real-world threat actors, the seed for the creation of Netragard was planted in the mind of Adriel Desautels and the company’s founding team. The journey to the founding of Netragard for Desautels had...
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Prior to the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war, the CyberTech industry was experiencing a steady uptick of investment. Since then, has the ongoing anxieties around security led to greater investment in cyber? While previous wars may have been solely fought in the air and on the battlefield, wars in the 21st century take on a much...
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In a period when tensions are heating up globally, the threats of war are becoming clearer, with a potential cyberwar still highly likely. In a cyberwar that is supported and, to an extent, headed by governments – would banks be safe?  According to Dave Harvey – head of Cybersecurity, UK for FTI Consulting – banks...
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The threat from cybercrime has never been greater. As a result, corporations and governments are increasingly turning to hackers i.e. white hats for help with the promise of cash rewards known as bug bounties. And experts suggest that it’s the best way to boost cybersecurity. Google the word ‘hacker’ and most images seen on the...
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