September 12, 2022
The metaverse has captured the attention of many. Mark Zuckerberg envisions a world where people “jump into” the virtual world to “do almost anything”. But doing things comes with risk, and risk needs to be priced. So where does insurance come into these big plans? No one likes change. In fact, it seems humans are...
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Innovation in the insurance industry is not just important, it is essential. A more dynamic market has meant insurers are venturing into non-traditional sectors as well as looking for more advanced ways of serving existing markets. The industry must ramp up its innovation efforts if it is to tackle increasingly threatening risks, such as climate...
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The roll-out of Tesla’s data insurance product is well underway in the US, promising its safe-driving customers up to 60% off their premiums, and freedom from being judged by conventional underwriting factors such as age and gender. But what will the impact on the rest of the market be? And will the venture last? Austin-based...
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