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Reseda Group deploys $6.2m across 8 FinTech companies

Reseda Group, a subsidiary of MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU), has recently announced a significant investment, injecting over $6.2m into the FinTech industry.

Transforming compliance reporting: how automation empowers CCOs and boards

Compliance automation is a game-changer in how chief compliance officers (CCOs) present crucial regulatory compliance information to board members. This technological advancement not only makes compliance processes more efficient but also equips board members with vital knowledge for informed decision-making.

Navigating new regulations: A proactive approach to compliance in FinTech

Maintaining a strong compliance program is a continuous effort. To stay on course, it’s crucial to proactively monitor regulatory changes.

Tackling compliance complexity – how AI is changing the game for...

The latest research by GRC 20/20 delves into the role of AI in reshaping regulatory compliance within the financial services sector.

Mastering regulatory compliance: The road to an efficient obligations library

In a recent installment of its series, Ascent delved deeper into the core elements of a robust compliance programme

Navigating the Maze: How AI is Transforming Financial Compliance

In the dynamic realm of financial services regulatory compliance, technology isn't just a facilitator—it's a game-changer. The latest industry analysis from GRC 20/20 delves...

ING and CommBank embrace RegTech for rapid regulatory mapping

Renowned RegTech firm Ascent recently outlined a successful customer success story for ING and Commerzbank. 

Ascent’s key pillars of regulatory compliance

Compliance serves as the bedrock upon which businesses build trust, stability, and long-term sustainability in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. However, the intricacies of today's space often pose a significant challenge for FinTechs looking to effectively traverse the regulatory landscape.

How Ascent is helping insurers and reinsurers boost profitability

Founded in 2005, Ascent has a key mission: help insurers and reinsurers become more profitable by accelerating their ability to transact. We recently spoke to CCO George Earp and Principal Architect Konrad Pfeffer to find out more.

6th annual InsurTech100 lists the companies you can’t afford to miss

As InsurTech continues to become vital for the success of insurance companies, specialist research firm FinTech Global has released the sixth annual edition of its InsurTech100 list.  

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