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PEXX’s new $4.5m investment boosts its stablecoin payment innovations

PEXX, a FinTech startup specializing in stablecoin-to-fiat payment platform, announced today that it has closed a $4.5m seed funding round.

Robinhood expands AI investment strategies with Pluto acquisition

Robinhood Markets, a leader in retail brokerage, has recently finalised the acquisition of Pluto Capital Inc., a prominent artificial intelligence research firm.

How Australia is tackling financial crime with technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial crime, Australian institutions face a dynamic and challenging environment, according to Napier AI. 

Volta Circuit introduces breakthrough multi-signature wallet with $4.1m seed funding

Volta Circuit, a pioneering FinTech company, has successfully secured $4.1m in seed funding.

WealthTech’s promising Q1 2024: Valuations soar as strategic buyers lead

WealthTech's promising Q1 2024: Valuations soar as strategic buyers lead

European FinTech seed deal activity in Q1 2024 almost halves with...

Key European FinTech seed deals stats in Q1 2024: • European FinTech seed deal activity reached 161 deals in Q1 2024, a 49% drop YoY •...

New legal expense insurance for digital asset theft unveiled by M2...

M2 Recovery, a prominent InsurTech firm, has recently unveiled a novel insurance product specifically designed to address the legal expenses associated with the recovery of stolen digital assets.

How OMNIA Token Revolutionises Trust and Staking in DeFi

The $OMNIA token is emerging as a formidable contender in the cryptocurrency arena, heralding a new chapter of innovation and value. With the digital currency landscape more competitive than ever, the introduction of OMNIA token stands out with its unique value proposition. For those keen on the evolving facets of cryptocurrency, whether as investors or enthusiasts, grasping the significance of $OMNIA is indispensable.

WealthTech’s new horizon: Catering to the Millennial and Gen Z investment...

The financial domain is on the brink of a transformative era, driven by the digital-first mindset of Millennials and Gen Z. These generations are not just reshaping the investment landscape with their tech-savviness and social awareness, but they're also the catalysts for the dynamic evolution of WealthTech. This sector is now keenly focused on tailoring its offerings to meet the unique preferences of these emergent financial powerhouses.

Revolutionary FinTech Kemet Trading raises $5m to redefine digital asset derivatives...

Kemet Trading, a pioneering FinTech company, has successfully raised $5m in a financing round led by Further Ventures.

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