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Twilio set to bolster engagement tools with AI

Twilio Inc. has revealed that it is bolstering its customer engagement by infusing it with artificial intelligence.

Consumer data leader Caden attracts $15m Series A investment

Caden, a dynamic data intelligence firm, has proudly announced its latest fundraising success, bagging $15m.

Tausight secures $6m for its AI-driven healthcare data security platform

Tausight, an AI-powered data security company, has raised an additional $6m with the financing round led by Polaris Capital.

How OWL ESG is revolutionising the ESG data market

OWL ESG seeks to help clients see the most accurate and up-to-date data with transparent and unbiased insights.

Data Lakes: Transforming ESG reporting amid tightening regulations

As the European Union’s (EU) environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements become increasingly stringent and frequent, companies are grappling with how to keep up. ESG and sustainability reporting software developer Greenomy has delved into how data lakes can help companies improve their ESG data management, leading to improved compliance processes.

Transforming FinTech: The 7-fold Benefit of Automating KYC Processes

In an era of growing operational costs, it has become a pressing necessity for banks to embrace efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) practices. The global spend on regulatory technology (RegTech) is predicted to ascend to $207bn by 2028, a forecast that urges banks to channel their investment into automating their manual KYC processes.

Unveiling FinTech innovation through the lens of Aiviq’s Pavan Cherlapelly

In the ever-evolving realm of technology and data solutions, Aiviq's Head of Technology, Pavan Cherlapelly recently offered an insight into the technology that should be on the radar of every asset manager.

Protecting customer data: The backbone of trust in financial services

In a recent post by Flagright, the company outlined the importance of securing customer data in the financial sector. 

Navigating the 2023 AI Surge: The critical role of quality data...

As we move deeper into 2023, AI breakthroughs are dominating the global business landscape. The capabilities of generative systems and large language models have gripped the public's attention, with companies across various sectors investing heavily in these AI-centric technologies. However, the success of these investments heavily relies on the quality of data used to train these systems and the in-house expertise of the organisations implementing them.

How wealth managers can revolutionise decision-making with technology

Decision-making is arguably one of the most important parts of a wealth manager’s workload. As advancements in technology continue to accelerate, these managers have the chance to drastically improve their output.

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