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The need for back-end office process automation in insurance

As the insurance industry continues to undergo a dramatic transformation, with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerging as a pivotal remedy for age-old challenges. This technological shift isn't merely about enhancing customer experiences; it's also about refining internal operations for efficiency gains, as distriBind explains.

distriBind and Greenlight Re partner to enhance data visibility

distriBind, the leading digital delegated authority data exchange platform, has announced a collaboration with Greenlight Reinsurance, a distinguished specialist in property and casualty reinsurance...

Bridgehaven, distriBind link to reshape UK commercial specialty market

Bridgehaven has linked with distrbind to facilitate the former's aim to write a diverse range of commercial specialty business in the UK.

Redefining management by exception in InsurTech

In a 2019 conference panel discussion, the CEO of distriBind made an insightful statement about data management in insurance: "In a bordereaux world, you have to touch 100% of the data." This motto continues to drive the company's mission of removing friction and manual labour in delegated authority within the insurance sector.

DistriBind: Powering data visibility for competitive advantage in the insurance sector

The significance of data visibility in the insurance sector is often underestimated. For companies hoping to maintain a competitive edge, robust data monitoring and management are critical, especially given the sheer volume of data they handle. Recognising this challenge, distriBind offers an innovative visibility solution that is setting new standards in the industry.

The rebranding of insurance claims: how insurers are modernising a once...

Insurers are finding themselves on the cusp of an innovative overhaul, specifically with regard to the claims journey - a process historically plagued by complex systems and lack of transparency, but now being redefined by advancing technology and evolving customer expectations.

Speed or quality: The AI dilemma disrupting the insurance sector

In the dynamic landscape of insurance, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changing element. The central subject of many debates at recent forums, such as the #everywoman insurance forum, is an AI-powered chatbot, Chat-GPT. InsurTech company distriBind has explored the role of ai and chatbots in insurance. 

InsurTech100 2022 list reveals the sector’s must know companies

With the InsurTech industry pioneering change in the insurance industry, FinTech Global has revealed the 100 leading companies in its fifth annual InsurTech100 List.

Lloyd’s Lab names the 11 InsurTechs in its latest accelerator cohort

Lloyd’s Lab has announced the 11 companies it has selected for its sixth accelerator programme.

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