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Earnix and Exavalu partner to revolutionise property & casualty insurance pricing

Earnix, a leading global provider of AI-based SaaS pricing and rating solutions for financial services, has partnered with Exavalu to provide leading property and casualty insurance carriers with enhanced operational and analytical flexibility.

Earnix’s Fairness Lab: Shaping the future of ethical AI and ML...

Earnix is at the forefront of addressing this imperative. The real-time AI-powered enterprise rating platform has launched the Fairness Lab. This beta initiative is our commitment to ensuring that your ML models are benchmarks of equity and integrity, adhering to all pertinent regulations.

Revolutionising insurance: The top 6 benefits of automating underwriting

The evolution from manual to automated systems in the insurance industry marks a significant leap towards efficiency and precision. This transition, driven by the need to overcome the limitations of traditional underwriting methods, has paved the way for a new era of insurance operations. An automated underwriting system stands at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging advanced analytics and algorithms to streamline decision-making and risk assessment processes.

Earnix and Sollers Consulting unite to revolutionise insurance sector with AI

Earnix, the premier provider of AI-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the financial services sector, has joined forces with Sollers Consulting, an international operational advisory and software integrator specialized in the financial domain.

The role of Machine Learning explainability in insurance

In the dynamic realm of insurance, a silent revolution is underway, orchestrated not by charismatic CEOs or flamboyant disruptors but by the enigmatic force of machine learning (ML). These complex algorithms have become insurance industry oracles, predicting claims and determining premiums with uncanny accuracy.

Insurers prioritise modernisation, but struggle to implement

Insurers have prioritised modernisation, but are struggling with implementation, according to a study from Earnix.

The importance of intelligent insurance operations

Now more than ever, the insurance industry needs more intelligent, agile and composable solutions to overcome challenges and meet higher customer expectations. Insurance software company Earnix champions an “intelligent insurance operations” approach.

Earnix welcomes two insurance leaders to its team

Earnix, a global provider of real-time AI-driven rating, dynamic pricing, product personalisation, and fully operationalised telematics solutions for insurance and banking, has appointed two new insurance technology leaders.

The role of AI and machine learning in the customer experience

The insurance industry has paid lip service to AI and machine learning for some time. However, adoption has been underwhelming. As firms come under intense pressure to meet changing customer demands, could this instigate more rapid AI adoption?

How can insurers and InsurTechs deliver better customer experiences?

Customers have raised the bar on the level of service they expect from their insurance provider. Faced with the industry’s historic reputation of working against the customer, insurers and InsurTechs must raise their customer experience game if they are to come out on top.

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