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Empowering retail investors: The future of wealth management in the digital...

A recent webinar hosted by Deloitte and everyoneINVESTED brought together industry experts to discuss the landscape of wealth management.

The future of digital investor profiling in the UK

In the rapidly changing landscape of financial services, the balance between regulatory compliance and user experience is more critical than ever. With digital transformations reshaping the industry and regulatory pressures mounting, financial institutions face the daunting task of providing seamless digital experiences without compromising on regulatory standards.

Navigating investment risks: How digital profiling enhances awareness in the UK...

In a recent groundbreaking market research conducted in the UK by everyoneINVESTED, a significant revelation was made regarding investors' awareness of investment risks. The study, which delved deep into the intricacies of investment risk, found that individuals with prior investment experience, particularly those who had been profiled, demonstrated a heightened awareness and understanding of the risks associated with their investment choices.

UK banks leap into future: Digital profiling’s revolutionary impact

The landscape of banking and investments in the UK is undergoing a monumental shift, driven by the wave of digital innovation and new regulations. In a groundbreaking study from everyoneINVESTED, 5,021 UK banking clients were profiled digitally in just 11 days, demonstrating the efficiency and potential of digital solutions in the banking sector.

Boosting Financial Inclusivity: everyoneINVESTED’s survey reveals key insights for UK banking...

Much like consumers in Italy and France, investors in the UK have similar risk profile patterns, and everyoneINVESTED believes its risk profiling solution could become the market standard.

Navigating the future: How integrated ecosystems elevate customer experiences

Financial institutions need to move away from transaction-based operations and to a comprehensive integrated strategy.

How mid-sized banks are leveraging FinTech and open banking

Although financial participation continues to linger at around 10% among European banking clients, a stark contrast to the 89% of individuals acknowledging the importance of financial preparedness for their future, several emerging trends are inspiring optimism. These trends are pushing financial participation to new heights.

French investors prefer ‘playful’ risk profile building

French banking customers prefer a ‘playful’ method to building their risk profile compared to traditional questionnaires, according to a field study by everyoneINVESTED.

How wealth managers can prepare for MiFID II ESG update

With the ESG-focused principles of MiFID II regulation coming into force, wealth management firms need to be prepared for its impact and how they can future-proof their investment processes.

everyoneINVESTED obtains ISAE 3402 certification as ESG MiFID II update launches

everyoneINVESTED has obtained an ISAE 3402* Type I certification for its sustainability module from Deloitte, as MiFID II’s update launches.

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