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How hx Renew is enabling modern reinsurers to make better pricing...

A hard reinsurance market, though challenging, brings forth a unique opportunity for innovation and growth. Amidst the largest capital squeeze in reinsurance since 2008, the market faces reduced capacity, intensifying the need for fast, responsive, and precise pricing strategies as pivotal drivers of growth. Solutions such as Hyperexponential's hx renew are attempting to redefine this space, enabling effective pricing strategies and take ownership of the market.

The future of reinsurance: Technology and skills gap in focus

The state of reinsurance pricing in 2023 is under scrutiny. With the landscape of risks evolving at an unprecedented pace, reinsurers are facing significant barriers to optimally underwriting risks. A staggering 70% of underwriters acknowledge that this rapidly changing environment presents the greatest challenge to their ability to underwrite risks effectively.

Conduit Re Adopts hyperexponential’s PDI Platform

Conduit Re, based in Bermuda, and hyperexponential, a leading pricing decision intelligence (PDI) firm, have embarked on a transformative partnership.

A guide to Lloyd’s pricing Maturity Matrix for insurers

The Lloyd’s 'Principles of Doing Business', launched in 2022, is a comprehensive 156-page framework designed to guide managing agents on the standards of excellence across different facets of insurance - from pricing and underwriting to governance and culture. Yet, with its length and detail, it isn't light reading.

Transforming insurance pricing through decision intelligence

Understanding and effectively applying pricing decision intelligence is pivotal in improving profitability for insurers. Despite its significance, the industry grapples with successfully transforming their...

From stagnation to transformation: How pricing reshapes the digital landscape for...

Digital transformations have spurred exponential profitability across various sectors including ridesharing, retail, banking, and travel. However, according to hyperexponential, despite being a data-rich sector, the insurance industry has been slower in achieving this level of growth.

hyperexponential deploys pricing platform into Canopius

hyperexponential (hx), a SaaS pricing platform for insurers, has partnered with Canopius, a global specialty (re)insurer.

How Lloyd’s Project Rio and ‘Principles of Doing Business’ will impact...

Lloyd’s recently released a 156 page document titled ‘Principles of Doing Business’, which outlines the responsibilities of all managing agents. To help companies quickly digest this and ensure they stay compliant, hyperexponential has released a report summarising the key takeaways.

QIC Global teams with hyperexponential, experiences 4x drop in model adjustment...

Qatar-based insurance organisation QIC Global has partnered with hyperexponential, a SaaS pricing platform for insurers. Within the first 100 days of using the technology, QIC Global has experienced a four-times reduction in time to adjust models.

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