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How KYC Portal’s face-to-face module bolsters facial recognition

Biometric facial recognition has become an increasingly important verification tool for customer onboarding and ongoing compliance.

Why flexibility is essential for CLM platforms

There are countless client lifecycle management (CLM) platforms in the market. To separate the best from the rest, KYC Portal believes firms should look at its flexibility.

KYC Portal releases new tool to streamline due diligence research

KYC Portal has released a new solution that aims to reduce the most time-consuming elements in due diligence, which is the research compliance teams need to conduct to build key principles and related entities in a corporate structure.

Why the time has come for perpetual KYC

Know your customer (KYC) processes have been the lifeblood for compliance teams fighting fraud. However, are they still enough? Kristoff Zammit Ciantar - founder and CEO of KYC Portal, believes its days could be numbered.

KYC Portal’s 2FA safeguards sensitive data

As companies try to meet the requirements for two-factor authentication, KYC Portal has a solution aimed at doing just that.

KYC Portal launches module to simplify corporate data sourcing

RegTech firm KYC Portal has launched a module aimed at simplifying the process for compliance teams of building a corporate structure.

Why dynamic risk assessments are a must for AML/KYC

As pressures continue to rise for financial institutions to meet mounting anti-fraud regulatory requirements, dynamic risk assessments will become more vital.

How to cope with the rising complexity of regulation

As the regulatory landscape continues to grow in complexity, firms are consistently having to upscale their compliance teams to cope.

Protecting sensitive information – How KYC Portal handles security

Solutions for onboarding and due diligence handle very sensitive and critical data on subjects. Before implementing a tool, a firm needs to be confident the data will be held safely.

KYC Portal underlines benefits of perpetual know-your-customer approach

A blogpost by KYC Portal has detailed how an ongoing know-your-customer (KYC) approach can help firms reduce their risk exposure to hours instead of weeks or months.

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