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BBVA enhances productivity with strategic OpenAI partnership

After years at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI)-based research and projects, BBVA has taken another significant step forward in the use of generative AI in its main markets.

The role of LLMs in enhancing BFSI operational efficiency and customer...

The advent of generative AI is not just a futuristic vision but a present reality transforming how businesses communicate with customers. This cutting-edge technology, underpinned by large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4, BERT, ELECTRA, and RoBERTa, is setting new standards for customer interaction and service delivery. It enables systems that not only manage communications but also predict and adapt to customer needs with unprecedented personalization and efficiency.

GrammaTech secures $1m in DARPA AI Cyber Challenge for cybersecurity innovation

GrammaTech, a premier cybersecurity service and software development tool provider, has achieved a significant milestone by being one of the winners in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)'s Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge (AIxCC).

DTEX Systems raises $50m to enhance insider risk management through AI

DTEX Systems, a global leader in the field of insider risk management, has successfully closed a Series E funding round of $50m.

Coris, innovator in SMB risk management, announces $3.7m funding

Coris, a pioneering risk platform, has successfully closed a fundraising round totalling $3.7m.

Navigating AI hype: Precision LLMs transforming risk management

In the rapidly evolving sectors of finance and governance, managing risk amidst vast, global networks of individuals and organizations is crucial. Leaders tasked with overseeing institutional risk exposure are increasingly looking towards innovative solutions to balance growth and risk management effectively. Enter Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 – the new frontier in AI, sparking a revolution in fields such as natural language processing (NLP). Despite the inherent risks associated with emerging technologies, the potential of LLMs to significantly contribute to future risk assessment products is becoming increasingly evident.

Patronus AI unveils security platform for LLMs with $3m boost

Patronus AI, a newcomer in the world of enterprise AI solutions, has announced its official launch and raised fresh financing. 

Sigma’s AI: Revolutionising risk management and compliance

Sigma, recently ranked in the AIFinTech100 for 2023, is driving innovation with AI to offer robust and scalable risk management solutions. Their unique use of AI technologies makes the platform indispensable for current and prospective clients.

From compliance to innovation: How AI and LLMs are shaping FinTech...

In a post by Saifr, the company’s regulatory and compliance advisor Mark Roszak detailed how to find balance between AI and compliance.

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